You Need To Get a Boyfriend

‘You need to get a boyfriend.’

These words were said to me just a couple weeks ago.

I sighed.  I need to get a boyfriend, I thought to myself.

Wait!  Do I really?

In today’s culture, it’s a norm for 13 year olds to have boyfriends.  It’s pretty cool to have one when you’re 12.  A bit of a new idea to have one when you’re 11.  And it’s okay if you have one when you’re 10.  I mean, better sooner than later, right?  How can a little girl who is allowed to watch chic flicks at the age of 9 not be allowed to have a boyfriend at age 10?

I remember the first time I was asked if I had a boyfriend.  I was about 13, maybe 14.  I honestly didn’t know how to respond at first.  A lot of my peers had boyfriends already. 

So how did I respond to people’s questions of ‘Do you have a boyfriend yet?’ or ‘When are you getting a boyfriend?

I answered, with my innocent 13-year-old heart, ‘I don’t date.’

Most people were a little shocked (probably thinking in their heads ‘Wow!  That’s one crazy little girl!).

Others just kinda laughed.  To me, I didn’t really see anything so funny about it.  I didn’t date at age 13!  What use would a dating relationship be to me anyway?  I was just entering my teen years.  I had enough stress just figuring out who I was as a person. 

If you’ve read any of my other posts about guys, romance, etc. then you’d know that I’m a very romantic person.  Why am I so romantic?  

Well, #1I’m a girl.
#2God created romance and put it into each person.  (Yes, I know that’s hard to believe for some people, but really.  Everyone has looked at the opposite gender with attraction.)
#3Romance is beautiful.

But as a daughter of the King, I know and trust and have faith in HIM, that He will bring ‘that boyfriend’ to me soon…and as soon as HE pleases.

For now…I’ll just have to keep on being that romantic girl who ‘needs to get a boyfriend’. ;)

Trust God and stay strong!  I know there are other romancers out there too ;) 


Interview with: Charmaine

Charmaine, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview for my blog!  I really appreciate it – especially knowing that you have so much more important things to be doing.  Love you, girl!

Miss Raquel: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers…and tell us a little about yourself.

Charmaine: Well, I’m originally from Australia. I was born into a family that did full-time music ministry so I ended up being born on a Tour, in West Covina LA :) So the rest of my family in Australia didn’t get to meet me until the end of the Tour!

Miss Raquel: So how did you get started in the music career?  I hear that your parents were performing artists…?

Charmaine: I was born into it :)

Miss Raquel:  I heard that you sang back-up for Rebecca St. James.  Could you tell us a little about your relationship with her?

Charmaine:  It was her family that brought me from Australia to be a part of her managements Label which was “Elevate Records”,  I opened for her and also did back-up singing. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of her team. I learned a lot from her! At times we were the only 2 girls on the road. She was a great encouragement and example to me - my big sis!

Miss Raquel: Had you always wanted to be a singer?  If not, when did your passion for music begin?

Charmaine: For me there wasn’t much of a ‘beginning’ because i was literally immersed into it. I decided to make it my ministry when i was about 11yrs though.

Miss Raquel:  Do you play any instruments?

Charmaine: No. I wish my parents made me learn piano, though.

Miss Raquel:  Where did you find your band’s musicians?  Could you tell us a little about them?
Charmaine: At this point there has not been a set band. when i head out on tour this spring with ‘Press Play’ and Rachael Lampa, I will select peeps to join me on a regular basis.

Miss Raquel:  Who were some artists that really encouraged you to move ahead?

Charmaine: Rebecca. Stephanie Smith. Rachael Lampa

Miss Raquel:  When did your first album come out?  What was your first single?

Charmaine: Wow...ages ago. my first album was in Australia. But the 2nd album “All about Jesus” was done in the US. and i think the first single was “I love you Lord”.

Miss Raquel:  Have you toured very much?

Charmaine: Yes...A LOT.

Miss Raquel:  Are you coming out with a new album soon?

Charmaine: Well i’ve just released my first album last spring. New stuff won’t be out till the end of this year!

Miss Raquel:  What is one thing that the LORD has showed you through your experience as a recording artist?

Charmaine: To simply trust.

Miss Raquel:  Do you ever have back-up artists sing with you?

Charmaine: ummm only for fun :)

Miss Raquel:  What are some fun random facts that you could share with us? :)

Charmaine: I’m a nerd. Matrix is my number 1 fav movie.

Miss Raquel:  What are some things that you want people to see through you and your music?

Charmaine: A glimpse of the ‘real reality’. To know Love Himself a little better to know, in-spite of their situation (good or bad) that, ‘there’s more to the story then this”. To know this Love Reality is to know Him.

Miss Raquel:  In closing, if there was one thing that you could tell to every girl in the world, what would you say?

Charmaine: Look to Him. Love Himself. Find your value and joy in Him! In Him all things are Beautiful, New and Strong! Knowing that outward beauty, a boyfriend, a job, status, does not save you or make you! Only He can do what we cannot. He IS life. The life you’ve always wanted.