Interview with: Charmaine

Charmaine, thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview for my blog!  I really appreciate it – especially knowing that you have so much more important things to be doing.  Love you, girl!

Miss Raquel: Could you please introduce yourself to our readers…and tell us a little about yourself.

Charmaine: Well, I’m originally from Australia. I was born into a family that did full-time music ministry so I ended up being born on a Tour, in West Covina LA :) So the rest of my family in Australia didn’t get to meet me until the end of the Tour!

Miss Raquel: So how did you get started in the music career?  I hear that your parents were performing artists…?

Charmaine: I was born into it :)

Miss Raquel:  I heard that you sang back-up for Rebecca St. James.  Could you tell us a little about your relationship with her?

Charmaine:  It was her family that brought me from Australia to be a part of her managements Label which was “Elevate Records”,  I opened for her and also did back-up singing. It was such an amazing experience to be a part of her team. I learned a lot from her! At times we were the only 2 girls on the road. She was a great encouragement and example to me - my big sis!

Miss Raquel: Had you always wanted to be a singer?  If not, when did your passion for music begin?

Charmaine: For me there wasn’t much of a ‘beginning’ because i was literally immersed into it. I decided to make it my ministry when i was about 11yrs though.

Miss Raquel:  Do you play any instruments?

Charmaine: No. I wish my parents made me learn piano, though.

Miss Raquel:  Where did you find your band’s musicians?  Could you tell us a little about them?
Charmaine: At this point there has not been a set band. when i head out on tour this spring with ‘Press Play’ and Rachael Lampa, I will select peeps to join me on a regular basis.

Miss Raquel:  Who were some artists that really encouraged you to move ahead?

Charmaine: Rebecca. Stephanie Smith. Rachael Lampa

Miss Raquel:  When did your first album come out?  What was your first single?

Charmaine: Wow...ages ago. my first album was in Australia. But the 2nd album “All about Jesus” was done in the US. and i think the first single was “I love you Lord”.

Miss Raquel:  Have you toured very much?

Charmaine: Yes...A LOT.

Miss Raquel:  Are you coming out with a new album soon?

Charmaine: Well i’ve just released my first album last spring. New stuff won’t be out till the end of this year!

Miss Raquel:  What is one thing that the LORD has showed you through your experience as a recording artist?

Charmaine: To simply trust.

Miss Raquel:  Do you ever have back-up artists sing with you?

Charmaine: ummm only for fun :)

Miss Raquel:  What are some fun random facts that you could share with us? :)

Charmaine: I’m a nerd. Matrix is my number 1 fav movie.

Miss Raquel:  What are some things that you want people to see through you and your music?

Charmaine: A glimpse of the ‘real reality’. To know Love Himself a little better to know, in-spite of their situation (good or bad) that, ‘there’s more to the story then this”. To know this Love Reality is to know Him.

Miss Raquel:  In closing, if there was one thing that you could tell to every girl in the world, what would you say?

Charmaine: Look to Him. Love Himself. Find your value and joy in Him! In Him all things are Beautiful, New and Strong! Knowing that outward beauty, a boyfriend, a job, status, does not save you or make you! Only He can do what we cannot. He IS life. The life you’ve always wanted.