Am I Looking Right?

‘This generation is obsessed with how we look.’

That is no lie!  And I couldn’t have said it better than Elizabeth Knopp.

How many times have you looked in the mirror before walking out the door, after you had just had a nice long workout, and actually said, ‘Oh!  I’m looking great!’?

Um…I think I can safely guess that 10 out of 10 girls just now, said ‘What?  Nope!  I’d have to fix my makeup, change my sweaty shirt, do my hair, make sure my shoes match my outfit’, and it can go on.

Sometimes, I wonder if girls could just hear themselves talk like this and what they would think.  And this includes me, of course!  I fall short of this every single day!  I am a pretty self-conscious person.  I always have to look my best (or at least try to).  You don’t see bad pictures of me because I have the right not to post them.  And when I’m around really pretty friends I’m always running to a mirror to make sure that my hair looks as good as theirs. 

I know. 

Really vain.

But I believe that God has done a lot of work in me, in this area of my life.  Lately, I have just noticed that He’s been teaching me to accept myself the way I am, and not try to measure up to the ‘other girls’.  I have TONS of beautiful friends!  I mean – stunning, beautiful, gorgeous friends! (inside and out)  And like I said above – whenever I’m around them – I just get in this I-have-to-look-as-good-as-they-do frenzy.  It’s wrong of me.  I know it is!  God didn’t create me to try to be like someone else.  God created me to be Raquel…to be myself.

I know that every girl struggles with this. 

To every girl who is reading this: You are not alone.  We’re all in this together.  Do you know why?  Because we are all sinful creatures.  We are jealous of others’ beauty.  We want to be like that gorgeous person.  We don’t want to be ourselves, because…we’re boring and ugly.

But, my dear, let me turn you to a verse in the Bible that is one of my favorites.  Read it carefully. 
Read it slowly. 
Soak in each single word and really know what it’s saying. 

“I will praise You.  For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are Your works and that my soul knows very well.”

Now read it again.

“I will praise You.  For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are Your works and that my soul knows very well.”

And again.

“I will praise You.  For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Marvelous are Your works and that my soul knows very well.”

Are you overwhelmed yet??  I am.  Whenever I read that verse, I can’t just read it once.  I have to read it over…and over…and over again.  Because honestly, I can never hear it enough times. 

God made me fearfully and wonderfully.  God looked at me when He finished knitting me together in my Mama’s womb and said ‘She is beautiful!’ 
Since I was that little baby, being stitched together by Him, He said, ‘She is my daughter.’ 

His works are marvelous.  And my soul knows that very well. 


Because He made me.  He loves me.  We are all equal in His eyes.  Outward beauty doesn’t matter to Him.  God could care less if one girl was more pretty than you.  He just decided to bless her with outward beauty…but is she really beautiful on the inside?

When you compare yourself to the girls who you think are so beautiful – that you wish you looked liked, that you wished you could be like – have you ever stopped and thought about their inward reflections?  Do you really want to be like that girl truly is, on the inside?  Or are you just admiring her outward beauty?  Stop and think about that.

God cares about what’s on the inside.  Do you?


  1. So true, Miss Raquel! We are indeed a generation obsessed with our looks. But isn't it great to know that God loves us just the way we are...the way He made us to be. This post is the kind that leaves me pondering on what I care more for: outside appearances or inner beauty. And definitely, I want to nurture inner beauty rather than the outward since that's what God cares more about.

  2. having a beautiful heart is more important than beautiful eyes.

    you can't just have the stunning eyes, hair, and clothes.

    but stunning outer appearance + a caring heart make for a very attractive person.

    i actually did a post about this on my blog

  3. hhhhhhhmmmmmmmm... I never heard it put that way, but it does make scenes.
    Thank, I enjoyed reading.
    oh also you had commented on my blog and asked what breed Wendell is? He is and Halflinger/Belgium cross, BIG BOY!!

  4. Amazing!!!! Very encouraging post, Raquel! Thanks for sharing!

    *Miss Lys*

    P.S. What did you think of Courageous?????

  5. Really nice Miss Raquel, and very encouraging.
    This is just what our generation needs to hear!
    Thank you, I was so encouraged :)
    God bless.

  6. Great post, dear. :) It is so hard to be a girl sometimes, isn't it? ;)

    I am working on a post similar to this once, actually (I started it a month ago, but keep forgetting about it..), because I *know* how much this message needs to get out there. How much I need to remind myself. :) Vanity has never been a huge problem for me--I mean, sure, I always like looking my best, but I've always tried to think, when I look in the mirror at an un-satisfying appearance, ;) how GOD thinks when He looks at me. It has helped so much! <3

    Thanks for the encouraging post. :) You go, girl! *hurries off to finish her own post* ;)


  7. You're right, Miss Raquel! Whenever I get to thinking that someone else is prettier than me, I just have to get busy doing something so I can't think about it..

    {I am with ya on the self conscious thing though!}

  8. Totally agree! If I could throw in my 2 cents, Leslie Ludy talks about this a bit. She explains that the only way we will ever be Truly Beautiful is when ourself is out of the way and Christ can be seen in/through us!

    Keep up the fun blog!

  9. Absolutely love this post! Very encouraging - thank you for posting this :) It's just the sort of thing us girls need to hear.


  10. So true! Thanks for this post, Raquel!

  11. You are beautiful! I love your hair(wish mine would lay down like yours...) I am pretty sure that every girl I have ever met at one point will struggle with this. It doesn't make it any easier to know that...but reading wonderful verses that lift us up does :) I'm still struggling with some things like that...I have gotten better and I hope I will continue to do so.Sierra
    Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)

  12. Thanks so much for this post! It reaaallly encouraged me. :D

  13. Raquel, this was *just* what I needed to 'hear' right now! It really touched my heart in a special way.

    Yep, you are so right--we're in this together. So many times the enemy tries to sow the lie of ‘you are alone— you're the only one who feels this way’ in girl’s hearts.
    But, praise God for sisters in Christ {like you, girl! ;)} to encourage each other as they walk this walk!

    <3 Moriah

  14. Thank you so much for this post! I do this when I am around my friends. Thanks for the reminder that God created us to look how we look and that we are not alone. Thank you again!!

  15. Wow, I really needed to hear this tonight ... I have been struggling with this area a LOT lately. I'm going to make sure to read that verse several times during my devotions tonight.

    Thank you!!

    Love in Christ,

  16. Great post, Raquel! :D

    *sheepish grin* I do have to admit that I am quite the opposite though. I never wear makeup, (any at any time) and if I'm going out, I'll brush my hair back into a ponytail and don a T-shirt and jeans. I came to the conclusion not long ago that if people don't like me for exactly the way I am, then they weren't worth my worrying. God loves me the way I look, and I think we should remember that very verse you posted: We -are- fearfully and wonderfully made. :)

  17. i really love this post!!! :-) I'ts really good. You are very beautiful by the way! God loves us just the way we are. <3


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