Surrending My Precious Dream

This post is in memory and honor of Joshua Steven Eddy, who surrendered his precious dream…and left behind a beautiful legacy as an amazing photographer, a warrior of faith and a servant of God.

Joshua Steven Eddy
 March 5th, 1993 – May 5th, 2012


The last blog post Josh wrote on his blog was one entitled ‘To Surrender a PreciousDream’.  I have read it numerous times…when I first found his blog, when I first heard the news of his drowning, when they found his body, and just a couple days ago, when I stumbled upon it again…it was by accident really, but I’m pretty sure God made it happen on purpose. 

In his post, Josh wrote about how overwhelmed he was with the beauty of a sunset he witnessed on the evening he took his brother and sister-in-law’s engagement pictures.  He says how much he wanted to share that moment with ‘his love’.  How he wanted to ‘pull her close and enjoy this beauty with her’.  But alas, she was not by his side.  He did not have ‘his love’ with him.  He wasn’t even sure he had met her yet.  Who was this woman that would have been Josh’s girl?  We will never know…because God didn’t write that in Josh’s story.

In the closing of his post, he said something that has become his, perhaps, most memorable quote.  And honestly, one of my favorites of all time.

‘To surrender a precious dream is a fearful thing, but to pursue anything but the full measure of the glory of God’s love is a wasted life.’

Josh has challenged me to surrender my precious dream.  And I thought ‘what better place to have a cloud of witnesses than through my blog?’

So readers, witness now as I surrender my precious dreams to my loving heavenly Father.  So that all of my love and passion may be directed to Him alone.  So that I, like Josh, can "love God fully".

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~My Precious Dreams~

>> to marry the love of my life
>> to have lots of children
>> to hold my first grandchild
>> to hold all my grandchildren
>> to become an aunt
>> to adopt a child
>> to publish a book
>> to become a worship leader

"Take my life and let it be consecrated, LORD, to Thee.  Take my moments and my days; let them flow in ceaseless praise…"


PS:  For those of you who asked - I was able to attend Josh’s memorial in Grants Pass, on May 16.  His body was found that same day and was buried a few days later, where his earthly body rests in peace, but his soul is soaring in heaven.


  1. Wow. What a poweful post. God bless you, Raquel. :)

  2. Wow. All I can say is WOW. How precious. Did you know Josh personally?

  3. I'm so sorry about this tragedy. When did they find his body?

  4. Sophie - I was not close friends with him, but yes, I had met him on a few occasions and got the chance to talk to him.

    Emily - May 16th.

  5. :.) aw. this is so good, raquel. amen, amen, amen. it is a daily ordeal to surrender ourselves to the Lord. I have to say this every. single. day. I have so many dreams..and so many opportunities have come my way this past year, especially. it is so easy to get caught up in all of that, though--because what if my life is short? thank you for the encouraging reminder.

    <3 lucia

  6. Thank you so much for writing this! I love how it is a challenge to surrender our own precious dreams. Josh's legacy continues to change lives. ♥
    -Tianna (Josh's sister-in-law)

  7. Dear Raquel,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for being willing to surrender all to your heavenly Father who loves you deeply. Your life will never be the same, (and that's a good thing). Thank you also for attending Josh's service. We are so glad you were able to come.

    May the Lord bless you and use you for His good purpose,
    Stacie Eddy

    p.s. Josh's body was found on May 19th and it was buried on May 29th.

  8. Wonderful post, Raquel. Thank-you for inspiring me today! :)

  9. I couldn't help but break down in tears...I have no words to say..I lay down my precious dreams too along with you... May God Bless You...

  10. Joshua's story is so, so sad. Great post Raquel, it really gives one something to think about.

  11. This is a good post--I want to link up--if not today, maybe tomorrow or the day after. :)

  12. This is great, Raquel. I think I'd like to link up, if I can somehow find the time this week. But whether or not I post them on my blog, you and Josh have both inspired me to surrender my precious dreams to Yahweh in my heart... Thanks :)

  13. Amen. Complete surrender is the only sane course of action after all ;)

    Thank you for sharing the testimony of this young man, Miss Raquel. (and your own thoughts) It is an inspiration to praise and pursue our Mighty, Loving Savior.

    Psalm 117

  14. Thank you for this post... it's strange, I feel almost like I ought to mourn for Josh. Because he never got to get married. Usually when someone surrenders their dreams to God, they are still granted them. However, Josh got what was far better, didn't he? Listen to something he said in an email.

    "There is someone out there that I will have the privilege of loving, truly loving: passionately, sacrificially, unreservedly. Someone that I can work, provide, care, live and die for. It’s like God said “This is what I did and do for you: now you go do it for her, lead by example.” I want that. I want to live for something bigger than myself, both in heaven and on earth. I want God to look at me and find me worthy to be trusted with the life of one of His children. To be found worthy of this task is humbling beyond words.
    ... If the Christian life was a career, marriage would be the second greatest promotion: topped only by entering God’s presence through the doorway of death."

    Wow. He knew what was the best. And he got it! No mourning for Josh. :)

  15. It is so hard to have lost a friend and a young friend at that. I am sorry for all of those who are grieving his death, but we know that he is in the presence of His King, where there is no more pain or sadness! How amazing is that! Thanks for this post Raquel, it really got me to think too! Love you girl,and sorry for you as well...to have lost someone you admired and cared about! Love you!

  16. Josh's story is so tragic! But not as tragic as it could have been if he hadn't know the Lord personally. To surrender our precious dreams is a hard thing to do with our earthy bodies but with the Lord's help we can do it.

  17. Josh's story is so tragic! But not as tragic as it could have been if he hadn't know the Lord personally. To surrender our precious dreams is a hard thing to do with our earthy bodies but with the Lord's help we can do it.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us, Racquel - what an amazing man, that he can continue to bless so many people after he is gone. I am very humbled, convicted, and inspired by his story. :'-}


  19. What a legacy! Not many of us are able to have that kind of impact after departing this earth.

    You have an awesome idea here. I think that I will have to do this!


  20. I wrote my post! Here is the link: http://differenthomeschoolgirl.blogspot.com/2012/07/surrendering-dreams.html

  21. Wow. Such an amazing & beautiful story.

    I just wrote a post about him here: