Everyday Blessings // 2

Yes, I've decided to change the name of these posts.  'Pleasurable Delights' reminded me too much of Turkish Delights (from Narnia) and while I love Narnia and all, i don't like how those candies had to do with the White Witch and all that stuff.  So...I'm changing it to  
Everyday Blessings. ♥


>> Having friends over for my graduation 
>> Receiving the whole set of The Hunger Games (from M. family)
>> Getting the Hunger Games poster (from Daniel)
>> Money in my wallet
>> A Dutch Bros. gift card (from D. family)
>> Going to see The Dark Knight Rises with three friends and my bro
>> Bonfires
>> Sleepover at a friends' house
>> How It Should Have Ended videos
>> Getting first and third place ribbons at the fair
>> Being told I have an 'amazing singing voice'
>> Being comfortable wearing my bro's hoodie and not caring if it's oversized on me
>> Goodmorning texts
>> Someone calling me 'sweetheart'
>> Adding to my book collection
>> Being inspired to play piano, violin and cello more often
>> Singing in harmony with a bestie
>> Roasting marshmallows (I like mine coal black...)
>> Meeting new friends through old friends
>> RSVP-ing 'YES' to wedding invitations
>> Making wedding favors for my friend's wedding
>> Adding more photos of my friends to my friendship heart on my wall
>> Hearing about an actor who goes to visit shooting victims in hospital - and being a real hero to them (when I heard about this, my respect and admiration for Christian Bale went up about 2,000,000 notches)


  1. Great post!!
    1) Coal black marshmallows are the ONLY way to eat them!! =D
    2) I love Christian Bale's acting, and after hearing this I like and respect him as a person so much more!

  2. haha- I have to say,'pleasurable delights' reminded me of that too.

  3. My mom and I were the only ones who liked our marshmallows black.

    I thought that was a wonderful gesture for Christian Bale to do. When I heard that it warmed my heart.

  4. How fun! Great post ;) All that sounds real fun! ;)
    Thanks for sharing.


  5. These are blessings :)

    I could make a comment about each one, but I love all these things!

  6. I seriously cannot wait to see the dark knight rises... Just need to get back from puerto Rico to the mainland first. :) and that is so sweet of Christian bale to go see the shooting victims.