Everyday Blessings // 1

I was inspired to start these weekly posts by dear Hazel.  She does an 'Enchantments' post every once in awhile...with a list of things that make her happy and...enchanted.

Oh and I know I don't give very many shout-outs to people and blogs, but Hazel deserves one.  She's...radical.  And she has an amazing blog.  She is such a gifted writer and I have never read a post that I didn't like by her.  She deserves 1,000 followers but is at a steadily growing pace of about 40 right now.  You should visit her blog.  And follow her.  And comment on her posts.  And tell her that Raquel says she loves her and sent you over to show her some love.


>> Pinterest
>> when people follow me or like a photo on Instagram
>> making collages (I finished mine for my graduation)
>> people telling me that I make them smile
>> sunsets (Oregon has been having some amazing ones lately... ::sighs::)
>> homemade ice cream
>> when my cat wants to cuddle with me
>> guest posting
>> little girls' curly hair
>> spending time with Jesus
>> massages from my big bro
>> friend requests on Facebook
>> not getting tired of a song that hits home every time you listen to it
>> fuzzy blankets
>> clean rooms
>> fresh bed sheets
>> weddings
>> random acts of love and kindness...like this:


What are some of your everyday blessings of this week?


  1. hazel is amazing! thanks for the link :)

  2. Nice pleasurable delights! I like this post idea! And I really like that stop sign! :)

  3. I think having a long conversation with a good friend is always pleasurable.

    So is earning money from work, buying new things, and listening to beautiful music.

    Like what you said: ' not getting tired of a song that hits home every time you listen to it'

    ::nods:: Exactly!

  4. You made my day! Oh, I love you so dearly! Thank for the shout-out and I'm so glad you've picked this up ;)

    A thousand hugs and smiles!!!!!!!

    I also have never read a post from you that I haven't agreed with. It's great to have people out there that encourage me so much like you!


  5. Hi there, what's your Instagram username? I'd love to follow you on there.

  6. Simple pleasures are some of the best delights, aren't they? I think I agree with every single one of your requests plus being finished with the diagnostic assessment test at the college I'm going to attend, being able to go on a shopping trip with my grandmother, mom, and sister, and one of the best delights is...AIR CONDITIONING! It has been hot as blazes here.

    I'm glad you're doing this. This is a good thing, to think about the delights in life, ponder what the Lord has done for you, and give the thanks to him.

  7. My simple pleasures right now are music, books, and the amazing week I had at youth camp!

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