Everyday Blessings // 3

>> attending a friend's wedding {and being assistant coordinator}
>> getting a hug from one of my best friends {a.k.a. my big bro} after he'd been gone for the weekend 
 >> riding Knight on the beach
>> friends surprising me and showing up at my house with ice cream
>> getting an anonymous text from someone and then finding out that it was someone I never thought I'd talk to again
>> editing my friend's novel {so.much.fun}
>>  reaching 200+ followers on instagram

>> finding the perfect dress for a special event
>> knowing that there are some friends who will stick with you through, literally, anything
>> staying up late watching movies
>> finally listening to that song that has been playing over and over in your head
>> having a group of friends that I text Bible verses to daily
>> fasting (along with hundreds of other abolitionists) for the A21 Campaign every 21st day of every month.
>> finding a book that I've been looking for at a discounted price
>> hanging out with a friend...and ending up helping her give her horse a bath
>> staying up late texting a bestie
>> colorful pages in your Bible from the highlighter pens marking your favorite verses
>> receiving an e-mail saying how encouraging a blog post was 


Winner of Jessica's Jewels giveaway is Mikailah! Congratulations! 

And also, I guest posted at Aidyl Ewoh's blog:)


  1. life is full of blessings. it's those little things that just make life wonderful.


  2. Riding Knight at the beach sounds like a movie/dream *imagining in her head dreamily* I love that you have a group of friends that text Bible verses to each other! And just saying but finding the perfect dress is just perfect :) Great post, I think I'll steal the idea at some point! Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Surprise Ice-cream is the only way to surprise.

    YES! I had those moments in high school where I would sing and whistle a song over and over until it was stuck in my head and ?I couldn't wait to get home to blast it.

    Friends who stick with you <3 :)
    Yep, def my fav.

    If the conversation isn't slowly dying, then a conversation at night with a bestie is incredible.

  4. I love listening to a song that's been stuck in my head all day. I usually listen to it about twenty times :D

    Staying up late watching movies... I've been doing that a lot lately. It's the best--especially when you have great people to watch with!

  5. I love this post! I've been really trying to train myself to appreciate the little things in life, and this post gives me great inspiration. ♥

  6. Ohmyword you are so blessed. Riding Knight on the beach...sigh. That sounds perfectly blissful!
    Editing novels is fun too!

    Staying up late and watching movies is something my sister and I do. It's such a blast!

    And the colorful pages in your Bible...ah, that made me happy. Seeing a Bible all colored from highlighters is so entirely wonderful!
    Lovely post!

  7. i love blessings lists:) I love all the little things that make such a big difference!