Miss Raquel's Vlog, #1

I am very, very excited to be presenting to you my first-ever vlog.  I would like to give the filming credit to my good friend, Rachel Jones.  She did amazing and it only turned out so well because of her.  Thanks, Rachel. <3 p="p">
Readers...I introduce...myself... :)


  1. Awesome job! Keep it up. :D

    ~ Grace ~

  2. Loved this! Getting to hear a bloggers voice is so cool. You have a nice voice too. If that makes sense.

  3. Great work, Raquel! :) Loved your answers!

  4. Very good! I loved this vlog, Raquel!
    I was very impressed by how you answered the questions. Kudos!

    I LOVE Mr. Smith Goes to Washington!

    I've only had the pleasure of seeing it once. :P

    The editing and camera were legit. btw ;)

    Have a good day! :D

  5. Great vlog,Raquel! It was really fun hearing you answer those questions. Great job ;)

  6. Loved, loved, loved your vlog! And you answered my question!!!!! (thank you, and marvelous answer by the way).

    I was happy I got to hear your voice and see you for real, haha!

    Love ya!


  7. I love you, you beautiful woman... you have such a beautiful heart, and you reflect Jesus in all you say! Even your face was just glowing=) It was so fun to connect a voice with your writing... almost exactly I imaged it(: I love how you answered all the questions, seriously, but with total personality.

    Hope to meet you sometime in future.. or someday=)

    May He bless you and keep you!

  8. AND Jaci Velasquez is amazing.. I'm jealous (not really ;P) that you got to meet her. The end.

  9. I totally enjoyed your vlog...please do more! I really enjoyed your answer to your biggest fear, it got me to thinking since most people would say spiders or dying a horrible death, etc. Have a blessed day!

  10. I loved this! I always enjoy getting to have a voice to put with the words you write :)

  11. Good choice choosing the convertible ride. Haha, motorcycle rides with guys can be a bit scary, especially if the man in question likes going fast. ;)

  12. Eeep, I loved this! I really love it when bloggers do vlogs (tongue-twister much?) - it makes them seem so much more real, and personable. And awesome. Hehe.
    Question: will you be doing more vlogs with some of the other questions? Just curious. :)
    Verse of the year - such a great idea!
    I need to try Dutch Bros. Even though I live waay down in the south. :D
    And Then There Were None? As in, by Agatha Christie? I started the book several years back and never finished it. Hmm, I should look into that. :)
    The last question...oh my, I laughed out loud as well!
    Aaand, your hair is officially gorgeous. <3
    Wow, this comment is long...I'm gonna stop now before I bore you to death.

    Love ya, dear!

  13. It was so cool to hear your voice :) And God's Daughter is a wonderful blog. I've been following for... oh, since the Sampa site :) and your posts are always great. I love your movie reviews the best, I think.

    So, keep it up! Amazing first vlog!


  14. Wow, great vlog, Raquel! =)

  15. Loved your vlog. You are so cute! I was really impressed by your answers. You are a beautiful young woman!

  16. This may sound weird... but I love your voice. lol.

    Great answers! I loved watching this. Can't wait for the next one ;)

    xo, Jess

  17. I loved watching this, Raquel!! I love it when bloggers to vlogs so I can actually watch and listen to the blogger I've been following. ;)

    It's super cool that you've got to meet so many music artists.

    Are you thinking of doing more vlogs, perhaps a part 2 to answer more questions?



  18. Really cool... I found myself just fascinated... Beautiful heartfelt answers... Loved the desire to please Jesus and live your life for him... Have you seen "guys and dolls" with sinatra and brando... for romantic drama "mozart and the whale" a love story with an autistic cast..

  19. Definitely post more vlogs! :D

  20. Aww, what an adorable vlog! It was so neat to hear your voice for the first time. I love how articulate and sweet you are, girlie, and your passion for Christ is incredible. Your faith came out in nearly every answer, whether you physically mentioned it or not. It's so refreshing to "meet" young ladies who truly live for Jesus, instead of just talking about it.

    And of course I had to smile at the last question. ;)

    Love you,
    Elizabeth Rose

  21. this was great, raquel! and your friend did do a great job(and you guys have almost-the-same name, how awesome:D) 'Twas fun to listen to, and wow, you've met a lot of famous people! and even hugged one. awesome. ;)

  22. Awesome job with the vlog, Raquel! You're such a poised person, and represent God wonderfully. :) Keep up the good work!

  23. Tehehe! I knew you'd laugh at that question, but I didn't think you'd actually vlog the answer! That was awesome...great job, Raquel and Rachel!


  24. Awsome Vlog ! It was cool to here what you sound like! lol:P

  25. Great vlog! I love the hear the voices behind different blogs. :)

    I've watched And Then There Were None. Have you read the book? I don't recommend reading it at night though. Nightmare creepy. :}

  26. Oh, I loved this so much! It's nice to hear your voice...and that sounded creepy. I didn't mean to sound creepy but well...I did. Anyway I love you, friend! This was a great vlog!

    ~Hazel ;)

  27. Your voice matches what I had in mind of what you would sound like!! :)


  28. Amazing vlog Raquel :)
    You actually have the personality and voice I somewhat imagined you to have.
    And you answered two of my question! Thank you so much :D


  29. I really enjoyed your first vlog!

    Your blog itself is very inspirational and always encourages me. Keep shining for Him, Raquel!

  30. Well done, Raquel - you have great poise and your love of God comes through in this as well as what you write.

  31. This was really fun to watch! I just found your blog and will be following! :D

    I love Mat Kearney! My brother stayed with him and anther guy at one of his friend's house in 2005. that was before he got all big and popular. haha..

    God bless! - Rachel Pursell