This Crazy Love.

This post is actually the result of three different posts that I had in mind.  They each had to do with love.  And in the end, I just decided to put them altogether.  I thought they would fit.

So, lately, a lot of my peers and friends have been getting together with someone.  Someone special in their lives.  Someone that they really, really like.  Someone that is taking up a lot of their attention and time.

Okay, I’ll just say it the way it is.  My friends are beginning to start relationships and I feel left behind.

There, I said it.  I was honest.  And I know (for a fact) that all of you people are experiencing this too.  Don’t lie.

This is gonna be a bit of a difficult post to write, just because I really, really want you all to know where I’m coming from.  And that I’m NOT complaining or whining.  Really.  This is something that the LORD has been working in my heart and I just want to share what I’ve been learning.  It’s one thing to complain and not be content with your life...but it’s another matter entirely to let someone know you’re struggling.

It’s hard to see your peers with someone they love.  And you, alone.  When they have someone to hold hands with, and hug, and kiss, and sit close to.  And then there's you, without any of those.  Don’t bother trying to explain what that feeling is like.  Because I experience it too.

But something that my heavenly Father has been teaching me is this...
No one - no man - can love me more than He does.  And that I must remember that He will not withhold anything good from those who walk in righteousness.  Anything good.  And anything that He sees fitting for me; to bless me with.

‘For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD gives grace and glory; No good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly.’ 

- Psalm 84:11

Another thing He has shown me is to not worry that I’m single.  To be anxious for nothing (Phil. 4:6).  For He makes everything beautiful in His time (Eccl. 3:11).

Dear friends, when our direct relationship with Christ is what we focus on and strive to cultivate and cherish and work at...everything else will fall into place.  Everything. 

He loves us so, So, SO incredibly much that He loves to bless us.  He takes delight in blessing His children and seeing them happy.  You may wonder sometimes ‘well, why doesn’t he bless me with a guy/girl?’  or ‘If He wants to make me happy, why hasn’t He sent my significant other to me already?’

I have a very good answer for that.  Really, it’s the only answer there IS to those kinds of questions.

         He is perfecting you for the one He has chosen for you.

The reason you haven’t met that one special person is because you’re not ready for them.  You may think you are, but God is writing your story, right?  And He doesn’t think you are.  That person will come in His own good timing. 

God has a person set apart for YOU. That person may not be perfect in this world's standards, and maybe not even in yours. But in the eyes of God, that person will be the perfect one for you. The Father has made BOTH of you precisely for each other.

And until you meet that person, all we can do right now is glory in this crazy love that God has for us.  This amazing, unfathomable love that He loves us with.  Friends, we will never, ever be able to grasp how much our Father truly loves us.  In every little detail of our lives, His love is engraved so deeply into it.  We may not always see it.  We may not always understand right away.  But through lessons learned...through tears cried...through impatient waiting...God continues to mold us into the person He wants us to become.

Stop and think - or at least try to - of this crazy love.  This crazy love that the your Jesus has for you.  I promise you’ll never be able to think on it long enough to fully understand it.  I’m still trying...

 This was a Facebook status of mine a few days ago.  I thought it tied in well to this post:

Even when life hurts...and is confusing...of one thing I am sure. This crazy love that God has for me. I'm still trying to wrap my imagination around how big it is...and I know I never will. So all I can do is return, is love Him back.


  1. No lie - I have had the EXACT same thoughts recently. Wonderful, encouraging post, Raquel. :)

  2. Oh Raquel...I've been struggling with the same issue as well. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'll ever meet that "one person".

    But I know that the Lord is in control of my life, and if it be His will, He will send along the right person for me according to His perfect timing. :)

    Thank-you so much for writing this post. I was very encouraged by it. :)


  3. My thoughts (and feeling) exactly! When I graduated from high school last year I thought that within a couple of months someone special would come into my life. My dear friend (who graduated the year before) met a guy at her graduation and a little over a year later they were married. My mom and dad got married a few days before her 18th birthday. I thought that I might be the same. But the Lord has other plans for my life. I have struggled with it all year. I know that He is in control and knows what's best for me but it's hard to see others hold hands and sit close. Someday...and until then He will help me through.

    He loves me more than all others.

  4. Wow. That was really good, I really liked it. I'm having a hard time saying exactly how much it meant to me. So this message is short, when it should be long, and I hope that you can read between the lines and see what I really meant to say, but couldn't find the words to express...

  5. I've had so many similar thoughts too! I'll be praying for you! Here's a blog that has really helped me.

    Hope it's encouraging!

  6. Aww, I'll be praying for you girlie! My older sis went through a time like this too, and she was such an example to me as I'm growing older. If you keep your heart surrendered to the Lord (which I'm sure you will), You can be that example for your younger siblings. :)

    While God's perfecting you for Mr. Right, He's also perfecting Mr. Right's character for you!
    Love you dear!


  7. This is beautiful and oh-so-true, Raquel! Thank you so much for sharing this at a time I desperately needed it.


  8. So, so true!! Thank you for the reminder, Raquel!
    This reminded me of 1 Corinthians 2:9. :)

  9. I have had the EXACT same thoughts recently! Sometimes I can't help but wonder if I'll ever meet Mr. Right.
    But I have to keep trusting in God! :D

    This was a GREAT and encouraging post Raquel!
    Oh and I loved your picture choices ;)

  10. Amazing post, Miss Raquel! This really helped me :)

    I have the same thoughts sometimes. But I keep reminding myself that God has a special someone picked out for me. And the longer the wait, the sweeter the meeting with my special someone will be.

  11. Sigh. I know how it feels too...seeing as how I didn't meet my love until I was 20. Just let that crazy-love from The Father wash over you, sweet girl! God ALWAYS has a plan for us and most of the time we come to find what we are looking for and most desire when we stop looking and start instead fix our eyes on Him instead.

    You'll be in my prayers...and if you EVER want to talk about how I made it through 20 years of (sometimes painful) singleness you just shoot me a message and we'll talk, okay!?

    I love ya girl!

  12. So true, Raquel! This is something I've really had to think about and accept in my own life recently because my best friend and closest brother began a courtship...neither of them need me as much as they used to, and Jesus has been teaching me about contentment a lot. Thanks for being honest and open--this post blessed me so much!

  13. Raquel, this was such a beautiful post, and something that I believe every girl needs to hear. I cannot explain what an incredible blessing this was to me today. I believe that I will never, ever, forget this post ♥


  14. I was seriously just about crying when I read this. <3

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze


  15. MAN, right between the eyes! Boom! Just like that. :D

    This is so true. Thank you for sharing these words, Raquel. They encouraged my heart today.


  16. This is so true. <3 Thank you - I really needed this right now. :)

  17. And speaking of His love for us... And Can it Be by Charles Wesley is a wonderful song to listen to... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29myH7xXI4M&feature=fvwrel

  18. I know the feelings. But such a sweet reminder of Christ and His love.

    It's so very hard to understand sometimes. But it's good to know He always understands.

  19. love the last set of words- so true!

  20. Very encouraging because I'm going to say I'm sure ALL girls who love God struggle with this. Thanks for posting!

  21. i know the feeling!! one of my friends is getting married this fall,and one of my really good friends just started courting this weekend! and I'm only 17! (and those 2 friends are both 18) I'm beginning to feel old to have close friends getting married!!
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  22. Echo Julia's comment. Right. Between. The. Eyes.

    Thank you for this, Raquel! Oh, so much!

    And I love how I clicked over here from Young Homemakers and I actually wrote about this very thing over on RadRevolution.com today. :) Great minds...