Everyday Blessings // 4

>> feeling autumn in the Oregon air
>> being able to go to three friends' weddings this year...and another one in November
>> wearing shorts and an oversized hoodie
>> listening to amazing song covers {like this one}
>> big brothers who take you on dates...and little brothers who cuddle in your lap while you read your Bible
>> planning one last beach trip before summer ends
>> blaring Owl City's (ft. Carly Rae Jepsen) song 'Good Time' when you're hanging out with friends
>> falling asleep on a boat in the middle of a peaceful lake
>> twirling the idea around of possibly starting your own YouTube channel for your own covers of popular songs...
>> finding a kindred spirit who lives across the country and does a Bible study with you every evening <3 p="p">>> being utterly obsessed with KPop...and not ashamed to let everyone know about it!!
>> organizing an autumn dance (in October)
>> the blissful quiet after there has been so much pounding (do to re-roofing) over your head
>> the satisfied feeling of writing a chapter in your novel and it turning out exactly the way you wanted it to
>> finally catching up in editing your friend's novel (after being gone for a whole week)
>> planning to reorganize your room 'just a little'...but it turns into a couple-hour-long-thing
>> being asked to second-shoot/sidekick for an autumn wedding
>> buying 5 new books from one of your favorite authors for only $3
>> jumping at a big opportunity and saying, 'God, this is all in Your hands.'


Have a lovely Friday, my friends!


'You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.'
{1 John 4:4}



  1. I love Good Time! I'm getting "The Midsummer Station" for my birthday. :D


  3. Ooo, a wedding in November. Joseph and Emily's? :) Is their wedding the one you will be going to? And if so, is that the wedding that you are second shooting for?
    I know all about the reorganizing you room thing. I started to reorganize just a little and having finished yet. haha.


  4. I *love* Good Time!!
    I really like the "As Long As You Love Me" cover! Much better than the original. :)


  5. Amen to that last one.

    oh and....Goodtime is like my favorite song right now. Always makes me happy. :)

  6. Oh I just love weddings! I have been to at least 5 this year...they are simply wonderful!

    And I have an older brother and a younger one too so I understand where your coming from with the dates and cuddles :)

    Oha and my and my friends blast owl city, too.

    Hey, I really like the idea of the youtube channel! I'd totally watch it!

    And don't you just love the finishing chapter feeling? Gosh, It's the best ever.

    And the autumn dance sounds lovely. I should get in an airplane and ride to oregon and come.

    Oh, How I miss doing these posts! Totally doing some enchantments this week!

  7. Cool post. :)

    Will you please come follow me? I plan to have a giveaway when I hit 100! :D

    Oh and I'm having a current giveaway going on at my blog.

    It would make my day to see your name in my following list! :)