A Bible Story

So far, through my Christian walk, I have been blessed with four different Bibles.

The first...
was a small, green, leather bound New King James version that my parents presented to me when I was about 6 years old.  It's worn, of course.  And in my young mind, underlining in my Bible was a super cool thing to do then.  So you will come across occasional pages with little scribbly notes next to verses that I had memorized, that I heard often, etc.  My first Bible.  And it will always be dear to my heart.

The second...
was a thick, large-print, maroon, leather bound New King James version that my aunt gave me as my baptism gift.  She signed it in the front, along with a blessing.  I was at that stage where I liked highlighting verses, as well as underlining them.  Oh and I put stickers at each book of the Bible, every first chapter. Don't ask me why.  I think it was a way of 'when I see a sticker, it's the start of a new book'...I really don't know.  Oh and the fact that it was large-print...I think my aunt bought it because she was the one who could actually read it;)

The third...
was my first introduction to the New American Standard version.  Well, Mama has always been using the NASB, but it was my first personal experience with it.  And I love it.  I think each of us have to find that certain version that just sort of 'clicks' with us, you know?  Some prefer New King James...some like the Geneva...some read the regular, old-English King James version.  For me, New American Standard was my favorite - and still is.  This Bible was large, maroon leather bound.  It was also the Bible I had when I rededicated my life to Christ, so it's very special to me.  And it was the first Bible that I actually cared to read and study.

The fourth...
Well...you all ready for a story?:)
I had been going through a lot of new growth in my Spiritual walk...and I just felt that in order to completely start fresh, to start new, I needed a new Bible for my next step in my Christian walk.  I wanted one that was a little smaller than my current, large, NASB...but I didn't want it as small as my first green, pocket Bible.  I wanted a sort of in-between-medium-sized one.  I was gonna start saving up the money for it, and one day I was talking to Mama about buying it and she said, 'Well, our church is going to be presenting new Bibles to all the graduates this year, so maybe you should just wait till after that'.  I thought that was a good idea:)  So I did.
The Sunday that they were going to be presented, I watched as my pastor held three wrapped Bibles in his hands.  Two of them were the pocket-sized that my little green one was.  The third was a sort of in-between-medium-sized one.
Oh that bigger one is gonna probably be Noah's, since he's the only guy graduating, I thought to myself.
When Pastor called us up to the front to pray over us, he handed each of us one of the wrapped Bibles...and which one does he lay in my hands?  The perfect sized one.  The one I'd been eyeing.  And later, when I unwrapped it...it was an NASB.  Complete with the day of my name, date of graduation, and my Pastor's signature written in the front cover.  I almost started crying.  And later when I was telling a dear lady friend/mentor of mine, she said, 'Isn't God such a romancer?  There you are praying for this perfect Bible and He just decides to give it to you on your graduation day.'
So this new, beautiful, perfect sized Bible has been a constant companion of mine since early July.  I decided on a color-code for it and that has been super fun to do while studying and reading through books.  God is so good to me...and I never deserved this perfect-for-me Bible.  But He decided to bless me with it, and indeed, it has been a blessing.

So there's a little Bible story for y'all;)


What is your favorite version to read in?

Tell me about your first Bible...or your current one...


  1. Great post!! : ) My favorite version to read in would probably be NIV or KJV, but I also like New Living Translation too. :)

  2. My favorite version to read straight out of is the classic KJV but when I'm studying deeper into the meaning behind the verses, etc I really like other versions too, like the Message. :)

    My current Bible is my favorite one so far, it's the perfect size.....not too big or thick to become annoying but not too small either. =) It's black and has my name embossed on the front, which I *love!* It has study notes in middle of each page, to help with studying and comparing similar verses. I simply love it! :)

  3. My first Bible was the "NIV Adventure Bible." I LOVED that thing. It had all sorts of neat charts and tidbits and extras that I loved reading.

    My 2nd Bible was a small purple-and-black soft leath NKJV. It was very nice and portable, but I didn't use it much.

    My next and current Bible was a black KJV with my name on the front and cross-references. It is by far my favorite, the first and only I have really "studied" and read through multiple times. I love how the words flow in KJV - it is my favorite version.

    It was so interesting to here your "Bible" story!

  4. Great story of getting your fourth bible, Raquel! :)

    Right now I use a NKJ version, mostly because it's what I've grown up with and it's easier for me to read and understand. :)

    My first bible that I can remember was a kid's version of the NKJ one. It's worn out now, but I still look through it on occasions and see small remnants of my childhood scribbles on it. :) Lovely memories...

    Anyway, hope you have a good day!

  5. I love your bible story. God is a romancer, your mentor definitely has a way with words, she couldn't have said it any better. When we have our hearts on God's desires, He has no other choice but to allow those desires to come to past. That is the kind of God we serve.

  6. My two favorite versions are KJV and NIV. The KJV because it is the verse I grew up reading and hearing my grandma read from KJV. NIV is the one started using in high school.

    My first Bible that I remember was a white NIV that I got one year for Easter for my grandmother.

    In high school I had a teen Bible, and now I NIV and a student Bible. That is geared towards high school and college Students.


  7. I have a KJV. That's all I've ever had. The Bible I have now is one that my parents gave me just before I went to California for the summer. I got to pick out what I wanted: the version, the color, etc.

    In our home fellowship, one of the men who speaks frequently and who also leads us in Bible study every week, has a NASB. He has studied different versions and has found that that is the closest version to the original Hebrew text. I'm thinking about getting one sometime.

  8. My Bible is a small/medium sized red NIV. That is an awesome God story! Isn't he amazing?

  9. I've used a ESV the past few years and I love it! I've read other versions but this one is so clear and all :) I recently got my first study bible and super excited.

  10. I really loved your 'Bible story'!! The Bible I have right now is New King James version I believe, and I like it. I've never really read anything from the Message or whatever, but I'd like to check it out.


  11. I loved this :)
    I remember my first Bible. It was my sixth birthday, and I didn't have one yet. I had been asking my parents for one for my birthday, and they presented me with a large King James version, with an index in the back. I remember my grandma coming up and giving me a packet of highlighters. Then I sat on her lap, and she went through her Bible, and found verses for me to highlight. It's so cool looking back at these verses I didn't quite understand, and seeing how important they are now.
    I was given my second Bible in first grade, when the school gave my whole class one. It was a small New International Version, I love it. I think that this is definitely my version. I love having both, because my King James version is there for studying, and my little one is for just reading, and searching God's word.


  12. Thank you for sharing the stories about your Bibles. I love to look at peoples Bible because each Bible tells its own little story.
    I was probably about 6 or 7 when I got my first Bible. It is a NKJV large print. I did not do much highlighting or underlining at first because I was always protective of it and wanted to take good care of my Bible and keep it clean and neat. I still use it sometimes and I still want to take good care of it, but I have finally changed my mind about the underlining and highlighting, so I definitely does have marks in it now. My favorite version is the NKJV, but sometimes when I read a verse in a different version it helps me to see it in a new light and understanding.
    God bless!