Everyday Blessings // 7

I have two more Saturdays to prove to you that I can actually post these blessing posts ON Saturday...
Please forgive me for missing the 10th.

I am thankful...

Day #4: ...for lots of blankets on my bed and a woodstove that we can build cozy fires in to keep us warm.  

Day #5: ...that the LORD allowed me to being my ministry, First Night of Freedom, and for all the doors He has opened up for it to grow.

Day #6: ...that know matter who is President, Jesus is - and always will be - The King.

Day #7: ...for the friends God has blessed me with.  The true friends who ask me if I need prayer...who stay up till 1 in the morning listening to me vent about my day...who text me all throughout the day and let me know that they're thinking of me. 

Day #8: ...for people who take me up on my offer to be a sister in Christ to them and to pray and encourage them if they need it.

Day #9: ...for little sisters who leave notes and give me massages.  And still enjoy snuggling for nap time.

Day #10: ...for being free and able to worship God in any and everything I'm doing, whether it's cleaning the house, tidying up my room, scrubbing a sink, folding laundry.  He is always with me.  And deserves me praise all the time.


What are some things you were thankful for this week?


  1. AH. S happy you're first night of freedom went well! Worship is one of the most amazing things. Worshiping the creator and seeing other people humbled, watching them worship. <3 love this :)

  2. Wonederful post!:) I am thankful that God Helped my mom and i get some realy great things at a yard sale this weekend(it might shound odd but it was a true blessing!:)Good Belss ,Emma

  3. Really great and fun list of things. Hope you have a wonderful week! :O)vnbm

  4. it's so easy to take things for granted-- love your everyday blessings posts.

    xo. rachel


  5. When thinking what I'm thankful for, I've been constantly coming back to my church. We've only been going there for a year, but I've made some amazing memories, and have met some awesome friends, that will forever be in my heart ♥