A Real Man

A real man is the kind of man a woman wants to give her life to.

A real man will respect her dignity.

A real man will not tempt a woman.

A real man will not persuade a lady to go against her conscience.

A real man will save himself only for his lady.

A real man will love her for who she is - with all her faults and flaws, as well as beauties and talents.

A real man will honor his lady like the valuable treasure she is.

A real man will not attempt to rip her precious pearl from its protective shell or persuade her with charm to give him her treasure before its time.

A real man will wait patiently and fight valiantly, until she willingly gives him the prize of her heart.

A real man will cherish and care for that prize forever.

A real man does not make his lady jealous of other women, but instead makes other women jealous of his lady.

But above all, a real man loves the LORD with all his heart, mind, and strength.  He loves Him more than he loves his lady.  And dedicates his life to living for Him and pushing his lady closer to their Savior.

A real man tries to imitate Christ in all his ways - with humbleness, lovingly, gentle, kind...

A real man prays daily.


Girls, if the man you like, have a crush on, or are currently dating, does not match up to these should-be-requirements-for-every-possible-interest...I can promise you that God has someone else much better out there for you.  A real man who has your best interests at heart.  A real man who puts God first and you second.  A real man who loves you with the kind of love that only comes from above.


  1. Thank you for this post! It really helped me right now since I've been having major guy problems.

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  3. Love it. :) Thank-you for posting this, Raquel!

  4. Wow, you just described a real man! I pray that we all experience the love of a real man. One who loves Jesus above us.

  5. Beautiful post, to remind us what we need to be looking for! One thing one of my girlfriends, who is discipling me, said she learned on Operation Barnabas was "You don't need a cute Christian boy; you need a godly man, and a godly man can't be found in a high school." Thanks so much, Raquel!

  6. This is a really great post Raquel! Thank you for it. And Hannah, I don't think that is totally true. I know of quite a few godly men at my high school. It might not be the best place to look for them, but they aren't totally absent from all high schools.

  7. I whole-heartedly agree with you Miss Raquel! Thank you for this wonderful post! God bless!

  8. What a wonderful reminder... something that encourages me and renews my strength... how easy it is to forget, when your emotions pulls you one way! To keep this before my heart... to trust in the Lord... thank you for sharing. ;)


  9. This is such a sweet, sweet post!! Even though I decided years ago that I would not date in high school, I still enjoyed this post, and what wonderful reminders to look for in a man!! :)


    p.s. where do you get all these adorable pictures???

  10. You have no idea how much this helped me right now (MAJOR boy issues) I look forward to all your posts, they encourage me so much!

  11. My Jared is Heaven-sent, for sure! ;)

    Ladies, Raquel has some serious wisdom written for you in this post. Please don't ever settle for less! I waited for my love for 20 years before God brought him along...and he is my 1st and (will be my) last love!

  12. Aw! This is so sweet, Raquel. :)