God Kisses

You know those moments when...something happens in your day that is totally unexpected but needed?

Times when you're going through something difficult and God just decides to send a little something to bless and encourage you?

Moments when you're struck by wonder at God's love and care for you?

I had a few such encounters this week.  I call these 'God kisses'. < 3


I've been home for about 3 weeks.  With everything that happened with my sister, I was needed at home to watch kids, make meals, etc. (more than usual).  I wasn't able to go to church (for various reasons), hadn't seen anyone outside of my family for said amount of weeks.  I was almost to the brink of insanity.
And then, my bro came home (from house-sitting).  'Raquel,' he told me.  'We're going up to Camano Island.'  And of course, there's only one reason we would do that...to visit some dear, dear friends of ours.  We like to say we've known them since before we were born cuz the parents of that family knew OUR parents long before any of us kiddos were brought into this world. haha
So that was the first God kiss.

On Sunday, we attended our friends' church.  I remember being there last time and that the pastor had spoken a sermon I had really needed to hear.  Well, this Sunday was no exception.  Earlier last week, I had been reading the parable of the sower in Matthew.  I had thought to myself 'Hmmm...I haven't heard a sermon on this parable in a while.'  Well?  What should the pastor at this church I was visiting preach on the Sunday I was there?;)  'The Parable of the Sower' was his sermon's title.
That was the second God kiss.

During the service, I was beginning to feel really sleepy.  I don't know why really, cuz I had slept pretty well the night before.  So I prayed and was like 'God, I need You to help me stay awake here.  Please?' Literally, within the next 10 minutes, I was as wide awake as if I had eaten an energy bar.
Yes, that was definitely the third God kiss.

Later that evening, a big group of us decided to take a Sunday evening walk along the beach.  And friends, the sky alone made me lose my breath.  The picture at the top of this post is one that I took on my iPod.  It's UNEDITED.  That is just pure raw beauty that God decided to paint that night.
The fourth God kiss.

This afternoon, my bro, friends and I arrived home safely, only to be greeted with sad news.  The baby that my Mama was carrying went home to rest in Jesus' arms.  It was a difficult thing to receive, but 'the LORD giveth and the LORD taketh away.  Blessed be the Name of the LORD'...amen?  And after Mama had told us, I went to my room to pray and cry a little...and within five minutes, three friends texted me.  One asking how I was doing, another saying she loves me, and another who was welcoming me home.  I almost started crying just from sheer gratitude and being so blessed with such loving and amazing friends.
The fifth God kiss.


What were some God kisses to YOU this week?


  1. Oh Raquel...I'm so sorry... :(

    Indeed, God is merciful and full of grace to His children. The last couple of weeks had been hard for me as well. Know that I'll keep you and your family in my prayers.

    {1 Corinthians 10:13}

  2. Oh, Raquel... this post really touched my heart. I'm so sorry for your families loss... I remember when I was about 7, my mom was pregnant, but she lost the baby, too. I remember, it was heart-breaking... but we know the baby is now with God. :)

    I love this idea, though... God's Kisses. :) He blesses us in so many ways--sometimes we just don't realize it.

    Lets see... a few are:

    01. my cousin's baby that was born this morning:)

    02. the blessing of family--and dear friends.

    03. the fact that God loves me just the way I am. :)

    And so many more... anyway. :)

    I'm praying for you, girl! Hugs to you, and your family.

  3. oh gosh. i loved this, my sweet raquel. i have been praying for you and for lydia, and i am so thankful that God blessed you in so many different ways lately. and i'm so very sorry about the miscarriage. my mom had one a few years ago, and i still remember how hard it was. i'm praying for you, dear, and i'm always here if you need me. <3

  4. This was very encouraging to read! God is SO good!

    Last week, my grandpa passed away. He knew Jesus and we know he is with the Lord now. But two days after my grandpa went to Heaven, I was able to take a short break from the sadness and go pick up some friends at the airport. These two friends were our translators in Brazil when I went with 15 others from my church last June. God allowed me to have such a wonderful day in the midst of my family's grieving and I am ever so thankful for that. :)

  5. Beautiful post Raquel!! :)

    Awww man...I'm so sorry to hear about the baby! I didn't even know your mom was pregnant :( You and your family are in my prayers!!
    Stay strong ;)
    "If there's one thing that I know, you were never left alone, 'cause you can always call on Jesus' name" <3

    *Big hug!*


  6. So sorry to hear your family's sad news, Raquel. I am glad that you are trusting in God and realize that He is always there to hear those sorrows. Thoughts are with you and your family.

    That photo is absolutely stunning: How can anything come close to touching its beauty!? And people think that just "evolved."

  7. God being there to shield me from fear and worries.

    Just saying, "Your my one and only." or "I love you," which means more then what it reads.

    Blessing me with little gifts. Like five bucks to get some coffee or take out.

  8. I'm so sorry to hear about your baby brother/sister, Raquel - I can't even imagine how hard it must be for all of you. I'm so glad that The Lord has been helping you with special blessings. :'-)

    I will be praying for you!

    Lots of love,

  9. I'm so sorry about the baby. :( Hugs! These moments are all so special; I know you will remember them always!

    One of God's 'kisses' to me this week...I had been sick for several days and thus hadn't been to swim practice. I missed a meet, and then a few days later was another meet..I wasn't thinking I would do very well, because I slept only two hours the night before, and I was still feeling poorly. But I prayed and asked the Lord to give me the strength to do my best. I got on the bus, and someone handed me a Gatorade and a note that said something super sweet and encouraging. I was uplifted, and then later on I was able to beat my time by a good margin and actually win two of my races.

    anyways...I was so blessed and thankful. :)

    God is good.

  10. I'm so glad that I read this! It touched me. I am so sorry for your loss and I just wanted to let you know I will be praying for you.

  11. oh raquel. so sad to hear that. may the Lord be with your family as you go through this all. i love how you call these ''God kisses'' and that they are. God is awesome, and His beauty shows His beauty. that sunset is stunning. i thought for sure you put it through a filter! xx.

  12. I'm sorry, Raquel! I'll pray. But it's so wonderful what God's been doing in your life. That photo is amazing. Sometimes God's glory written in the landscape is just incredible. . . . I should say always, but most of the time our human sensitivity to certain beauties says no.

  13. Wonderful post! makes me relise the good things in life even tho there are many bad to!I am so sorry about the miscarage! I am praying for your family! I love the God Kisses thing to!


  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. I know that must be terribly hard for you and your family. I will definitely be praying for y'all.

    Don't you just love it when you can see God's little blessings scattered throughout your life? It's those little things He does that lift your spirits and make your day.

  15. Randy Alcorn once said these moments are pieces of eternity, views into the perfect world he is preparing for us!

    Praying for you, Raquel! My family went through a similar loss five years ago.

  16. Raquel,

    I'm so sorry. Mama told us at dinner that your Mom had lost the baby. I'm mourning with you and hurting for you and your family, but I know it's just a very small grief compared to what you all are walking through. Heaven becomes all the sweeter the more loved ones reside there.

    God kisses--what a wonderful way to look at it, giving thanks in all things. Love you!

  17. I was so sorry to hear about your Mom and the baby... I will be praying!

  18. I thank you for sharing, this is such a blessing!