The heart can feel many different things, yet all at the same time

'The human heart is a scary part, in fact...'
- Steve Moakler

There's a lot been going on in my life lately.  But through it all, I've been able to keep a positive attitude about everything - not on my own doing, but only because of Jesus.

The other day, I was sitting on my bed, just thinking over current happenings in my life.  With each different scenario I thought of, I would feel a different emotion.  I would be frustrated one time...I would be excited the next...happy one moment, then sad with the other.  It was crazy, how I was feeling.  And I didn't understand how I could still be smiling.

Oh but then the Grace of God enters the picture, yes?  It can't be measured by an emotion or thought or feeling.  It's just there.  God is there.  So close, it's like I can almost touch Him.  Everything happens in life for a reason, amen?  I know that sounds so, so cliche, but really, with a sovereign God ruling over us, I can believe that with ALL my heart.

Through life's twists and turns and ups and downs, God is ever constant, ever faithful.  He understands every little emotion and feeling I have and He puts up with me.  The Creator of this universe, this world, my body - loves me and cares for me enough to not let me hit the end of my rope.  And even if I do, I know Who is holding it.


'He will guard the feet of His faithful servants...'
- 1 Samuel 2:9a



  1. It's really encouraging to know that there is another person who has been going through such crazy emotions - I've been going through those A LOT lately. I guess it's part of growing up, but it can be really confusing. God is there through it all though! :)

  2. Aw yes...all things are working together for our good because God planned it that way. Even the hurt, life's stresses, ugh and those embarrassingly awful moments God's hand is on top of that. I never thought life would be so "hard" sometimes and so "emotional" but I now see Jesus and I picture Him looking back at me you know? Just there saying I did it for you...So life in its eclipsed beautify has a reward and His name is Jesus. This post is so real and I can totally relate. God...is so more than good:)

  3. Ahhh i love that song by Steve Moakler!!
    And the post was, as it always is, lovely :)


  4. I have known all my life that God will never leave me nor forsake me, but really coming to experience God's presence in my life lately has been amazing! Knowing that even though people will let me down, Jesus won't!! And that is SUCH a comfort!!! :) Amen?!?!


  5. I loved this post, Raquel. I've been feeling the same way. Like my heart has been feeling so much, yet I know God is there, and when I feel like I can't hold on, God is holding me in His hand. It's nice to know someone out there relates :)


  6. Yes! Amen!! God is so great no matter what. Lately I've come to recognize His peace which surpasses all understanding. He is so good.

  7. "I would be frustrated one time...I would be excited the next...happy one moment, then sad with the other. It was crazy, how I was feeling. And I didn't understand how I could still be smiling."

    That's me. And I've been so blessed these past few weeks; throughout everything, God's given me friends, the kind of friendship CS Lewis talked about, where you say, "You too? I thought I was the only one."


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