Everyday Blessings // 11

>> jamba juice with a bestie
>> Ironman 3 premier with friends
>> beach with friends
>> roadtrip along the Oregon coast

>> catching up with friends who I haven't seen in a long time
>> shorts and tank-top weather

>> summer tans
>> new books
>> a wedding invitation to a friend's wedding
>> planning another trip to California
>> getting a new phone
>> letters and packages in the mail

>> clean sheets
>> being able to sing again after being sick with the flu for TOO LONG
>> discovering a verse in the Bible that I wish I knew existed years ago

>> new ring
>> star gazing


What are some blessings you've experienced lately?


  1. The beach looks beautiful!!
    This also reminds me I need to do these kinds of posts again soon :)

  2. love these pictures, Raquel, and i agree with every single one of your blessings listed (even though some are personal, and i haven't experienced it. ;) haha.} God has blessed me so much.

    1. leaving on a trip to Ohio (today!)
    2. long talks with sisters at 2:00 in the morning. {haha.}
    3. text messages from friends (one of them is you. ;))
    4. vanilla tea
    5. photography internship possibilities

    and sooo many more. :)


  3. One big blessing lately was a few days ago I got a sweet sweet note, along with homemade cookies, in the mail from one of my best friends. She told me she was praying for me and to enjoy the cookies, and it just made my day!

    Another one is that I only have 3 weeks left of school, and shorts and t-shirt weather has already started!!! Woot woot! :)


  4. Lovely post! I'm so jealous of your hair :( erm let's see...
    ~cool days (southern heat...ugh. Won't be welcoming it)
    ~chocolate chip cookies that were halved quite quickly
    ~a quiet house because the siblings are away
    ~a great babysitting time with cute kids who want piggy back rides and having a great talk with my fellow babysitter and a mom afterwards
    ~digging deeper in Gods word and rereadng a verse to find a whole different meaning that when I read it days before
    ~visiting B&N with mom and just browsing!

  5. Would you ever consider making this a linkup? This would be so fun!

  6. roses blooming. spring coming. busy streets but calm spirit. pulling out old pieces of writing. playing piano. warm sun.

    Just a few :)

  7. letters are actually that awesome a thing to get in the mail. before my friends and i figured that out, all we ever got were letters from the dentist. didn't quite have the same made-my-day thing going on...

    and i am curious, what verse? :)

    ooh, you have summer. i refuse to wear my winter uniform to school very often...

  8. Oh! I love this idea for a blog post! Do you mind If I steal this idea? Please?

    Yours truly,

    Emelie Claire