For what it's worth

    "So I like this girl..."

    I looked up from my laptop.  My friend was over, doing homework with me.  He sat on the couch across from me, his long legs stretched out, resting on the coffee table.  I sat in my favorite plush leather chair.  This was one of our favorite places to hang out.
    But wait.  Did he just say he liked a girl?
    "Yes?" I raised my eyebrows, waiting for him to go on.  "I didn't know you liked anyone."
    My heart started to feel like it was being gently squeezed.
    No, I told myself.  He's my friend.  Just my friend.
    "I've been meaning to tell you - since you're, like, my best friend," he smiled and winked at me.
    I swallowed hard and looked back down at my computer screen so he couldn't see my eyes.  "Well, I'm glad you finally told me."
    He swung his legs down from the table and sat up, resting his arms on his knees.  "Yeah, well I'm telling you cuz I wanted to ask you if you think I should tell her or not?  I don't want to make hers and my friendship awkward at all, so I don't know if I should just leave it the way it is or say something or what."  The way he moved his hands while he talked always made me smile.  But right now, my lips couldn't seem to cooperate to smile.  My heart was beginning to feel sad.
    I should've said something.  I should've told him sooner that my feelings for him have been changing.  But no!  He's always said how much he's glad he has me as a friend.  Just a friend.  Just as a girl-friend who doesn't like him, doesn't have a secret crush on him.  But, I guess I've already destroyed that...and now it's too late.
    "So what do you think?"
    I jumped a little, bringing my thoughts back to the present.
    "I think you should tell her," I said.  "You should tell her before someone else does."
    He nodded slowly, looking at the carpet.  "You're right.  I just don't know how to."
    "Well, for starters, what do you like about her?"
    He stood up from the couch and walked to the nearest window.  It overlooked my family's front yard.  Rain was gently falling and it gave everything a fresh, spring glow.  Silence reigned in the living room for a full minute before he spoke.
    "She's kind and gentle, but can be crazy and fun all at the same time.  She's absolutely beautiful.  When she smiles, my heart just kind of stops.  And the way she laughs makes me laugh too.  She's supportive.  She's a dreamer.  She wants to do great things with her life."  He turned and looked at me.  "She's amazing."
    I blinked.  "She sounds amazing."
    He rubbed his chin thoughtfully.  "I...I think I know what I would say to her."
    I squeezed my eyes shut for a second, trying to ward off the tears. 
    I'm his best friend.  I need to be supportive of this attraction he holds for this girl, regardless of if I wish it was...me.
    "I would go up to her and say," he paused for a breath, then continued. "I would say 'I know we've been friends for a long time.  But over the last few months, I've really felt my feelings changing towards you.  They've been changing into feelings that are ones of romance, and not of just friendship.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to tell you this, but I wanted to tell you before some other guy does.  And for what it's worth, I just want you to know that...I like you.  A lot.' "
    Silence reigned in the room again.
    "That's beautiful," I told him.  "That's...perfect."  I sniffed.  "Sorry, my allergies."
    I grabbed a kleenex from a nearby tissue box that I'm so glad my mother insisted we have in the living room.
    "Any girl would be honored for you to tell her that," I tried to smile at him.
    He walked over to my seat, till he was standing directly in front of me.
    I looked up at him. "Really," I said, emphasizing how amazing his little speech had been.
    He reached down, took my laptop, and placed it on the coffee table.  Then he took my hands and gently pulled me up.
    "I didn't know allergies made people cry," he smiled, softly.
    I pulled one of my hands away from him and brushed a hand over my face.  I felt something wet on my fingers and scolded myself inwardly.  "They do sometimes," I mumbled.
    "Hey," he said, taking my hand again.  "Look at me."
    Stop crying, stop crying.  Hold the tears back.
    I slowly looked up at him.
    "I know we've been friends for a long time.  But over the last few months, I've really felt my feelings changing towards you.  They've been changing into feelings that are ones of romance, and not of just friendship.  I'm sorry it's taken me so long to tell you this, but I wanted to tell you before some other guy does.  And for what it's worth, I just want you to know that...I like you.  A lot."
    I stared at him, not knowing what to say.  How could he torture me like this?  I already told him that those words were beautiful.
    He smiled at me and gently brushed another tear away with his thumb.  His blue-green eyes twinkled.  "Do I need to say it again?"
    "I don't know," I sniffed.  "Why are you telling me anyway?  It's perfect.  Those words are beautiful.  You should go tell them to that lucky girl right now.  She'll fall for you after the first three sentences."
    "I am telling them to her right now.  Though I wouldn't consider her the lucky one.  If she fell for me, I would be the lucky one."
    I searched his face, trying to see if what he was saying was really meant for me.  Were these words meant for my ears?  Was everything he just said directed at me? 
    Everything about his eyes and his smile told me that he was telling truth.
    I didn't know what to do.
    I looked down and smiled.  I couldn't stop smiling.  I couldn't say anything, but at least my face could show how happy I was.
    He leaned close and touched his nose to my hair, his lips close to my forehead.

    "For what it's worth...I like you," he whispered.


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