Refuge | a poem

Life is hard
Sometimes I feel weak
Of living another day.
I feel like burying myself
Under a blanket
In a poor attempt to shut out the world
And the misery it contains.
But through all the chaos
Through all the storms
Something whispers to my soul.
A small voice
Yet all the same, the richest I've ever heard
A loving hand touches me
I feel wholly embraced
A peace overflows me.
'Take heart, my child.'
My Maker tells me.
And with a small smile
I realize
This world is not in control of me
Even if it tries to beat me down
There's nothing I can't achieve
No dream too big to grasp
I can cut through this thicket of brambles
That's tearing at me
I can swim through these rough currents
That try to take me the other way
No mountain is too big for me to climb
No wind is too hard to walk against.
And the only way I can
The only way I'll be able to
Withstand against these many hardships
Is when I say
When I proclaim
With every breath in me:

In the LORD, I take refuge.


Inspired by Psalm 11:1


  1. Wow, beautiful post Raquel!!! :) You write so beautifully!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So beautiful Raquel!! That lines about the world not controlling us? I needed to hear that today!!