Nothing can stop it

If you believe that you've met 'the one', if you have prayed about it, and sought God's answer and felt peace in knowing that a specific man/woman is your future spouse, nothing can stop your union. Not people, not finances, not any worldly concerns. God will bring you two together in His perfect timing - whether that be next week or next year. Trusting God is all part of love. You can't love without HIS love, and you can't have His love without having received His salvation. And you can't fully love another person, if you don't have His love in you. Yes, it will be a hard road to learn to trust Him more fully with your desire to marry. But remember that He knows the desires of your heart and He has both of your best interests in mind. Delight in Him during this waiting period. Know that He is fully in control of every minute detail that happens between you and the person you like. And that every day, every minute is getting you one step closer to the big picture, His beautiful plan. You can't make things work in your own timing, so be patient. Have faith, be obedient, trust in your Heavenly Father. And hope in the story He is writing for you.


  1. <3! thank you for this. i think i really needed to hear it.

  2. At the same time, let's not forget that God does not necessarily exclude a little initiative. As long as you function in a way that honours Him, I don't see a problem with helping to move the relationship forward, by interacting with your love, having discussions with him, etc, making your hopes clear, etc.

  3. Raquel, Jesus has given you such wisdom!


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