Everyday Blessings // 13

>> a job
>> new friends who live super close
>> having a bestie who never, ever gives up on you
>> frozen yogurt
>> Dutch Bros.
>> finding out who your real friends are
>> being told that you're a godly inspiration
>> more ministry partners
>> free concert tickets
>> volunteering at a Christian concert festival
>> staying up super late and watching movies with your bestie
>> that feeling of being almost done with writing your second novel
>> having mini-concerts for your family
>> rewriting a country song with a friend
>> holding a newborn baby
>> getting 4 new books and 2 movies for under $7
>> not being ashamed of praising the Name of Jesus
>> harvesting your own fruits and berries
>> new music
>> reaching goals in singing
>> starting (and completing) new devotional books
>> late night heart to heart chats with friends about God
>> autumn rain


Hope y'all are having a blessed week!


  1. Everyday blessings for me:

    Getting smiled at by the most beautiful little baby girl.

    Finally getting my sister to watch Once Upon a Time--and having her love it!

    Not having to take sheep to the County Fair and being able to hang out and relax.

    Having my best friend come over to spend the night tonight :)

    Having my grandma over.

    Just a few, I'm sure :)

  2. Wow, that photo is so nice. Did you take it? Yes Praise God for everything, we are so blessed.

  3. Cool list! Everyday or "simple" joys (blessings) are the best. Love all that they entail. :)