Holding, not pulling | a poem

We were walking on a dock at a lake.
Side by side, hand in hand
I saw something glitter in the water
It looked like a treasure
I pulled Him over to the edge
As I leaned over
Reaching down
Trying to grab the object that was
Just underneath the surface
‘Let me get it,’ I said to Him
‘You can try, but I’d rather you stay here with Me.’
‘I won’t get hurt.’
‘You may fall in.’
‘Well then don’t let go.’
‘I won’t.  But do you really want to try?’
I thought for a moment
Then answered with a ‘yes’.
I thought I saw Him give a sad smile
But turned away, as the glitter was more fascinating than His face.
I kept reaching forward 
Until my arm and shoulder were in the water.
‘Stop pulling me!’ I told Him.
‘I’m not pulling.  I’m holding.’
And then
I fell in.
The glitter disappeared.
I suddenly realized how dangerous this was
‘I should’ve listened to Him,’ I thought.
I looked up at Him, still on the dock
Me all wet, in the water.
‘Help me out?’
Without a word, He pulled me up
And into His arms.
My face was wet, but not with just water
With tears.
‘Thank You for pulling me out.’
‘I didn’t pull.  I was holding you all along.
You chose to reach for the glitter in the water.
But it proved to be fleeting.’
I nestled in His arms
Dry and warm in an instant
‘Thank You for not letting go.’
‘You’re always going to be Mine
Even if you choose to do something I would rather you not
I won’t keep you from learning your lessons.’
‘And You’ll never let go?’
‘I’ll always hold your hand.
I always have.’


This is a dramatized poem of what I think it's like when we sin.  God never lets us go, but He lets us learn the lesson we choose to.  


  1. This is so touching and beautiful, Raquel! <3 It almost made me cry, and few poems do. God bless!

    xx Leslie

  2. Wow Raquel...

    I don't particularly like poems that well, but this is the best one yet. Thank-you for posting such an important lesson. :)


  3. This is so beautiful! I am amazed at your ability to understand be able to write like this! This is perfect. SO glad God is always holding on to us, even when we choose something other than him.