Someone New | a poem

I know what it’s like
To want to give up
You’re tired of getting hurt
You’re tired of being used
You’re tired of people leaving your life.
Some people you thought
Would always be there
No matter what
But they changed 
Or you changed
Or both
And they’re no longer close to your heart.
You don’t know who to trust anymore
You don’t want to invest time 
In someone’s life
Only for them to leave you
And hurt you
And not come back.
But that’s life
People come and go
It’s an adventure -
Whether we like it or not.
And don’t ever give up
Don’t ever not want to get to know someone new
Because you never know if that new someone
Is the most important someone you will ever know...


Are you a full-time Christian?

How many of us encourage others to step out and share the Gospel with people
...but don't witness to strangers ourselves?

How many of us are willing to stay awake for a 3 hour movie
...but get sleepy during a 1 hour sermon?

How many of us don't leave the house without cell phones
...but forget our Bibles?

How many of us are quick to talk about the latest movie or book with our friends
...but are awkward to pray or talk about the LORD in public?

How any of us love our friends as Jesus does
...but fail to share His love with anyone else?

How many of us be sure to listen to 'Christian' music on Sundays
...but the rest of the week, the music we let enter our ears is trashy?

How many of us sing the words of worship songs
...but don't mean the words we sing?

How many of us make plans for each day
...but never ask God what He wants us to do?

How many of us buy things we don't need
...but can't give a single penny to those who have needs?

How many of us make time for coffee dates with friends
...but 'don't have time' for personal devotions?

How many of us read our Bibles
...but never go and do what it says?

How many of us spend more time on the internet
...but not enough praying?

How many of us pray when we want something
...but fail to pray for those suffering and in need?

We are all guilty of at least one of these.  What are some ways that you can change your daily routine and make more time for the One who deserves it?  Are you living as a full-time Christian...or just part time?


'But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.'
- Matthew 6:33


Everyday Blessings // 14

photo by: Nigel Barros

>> having a job
>> getting along with coworkers
>> paying off a $900 debt
>> going to a concert in downtown Portland
>> exploring
>> late night runs to the store with Mama
>> ‘I missed you!’ from my little brother when I get home from work
>> finding someone near me who is willing to teach me Japanese
>> staying up late watching Vine videos (should I start my own account? Would you follow it?)
>> beach trips
>> getting a new phone (iPhone 5 for the win;)
>> finishing journals
>> getting packages in the mail
>> new hoodies
>> witnessing a friend marrying the love of her life
>> teaching a friend how to swing dance
>> meeting new people
>> movie marathons
>> setting new goals
>> finding amazing new quotes for my quote collection journals
>> autumn rain


Happy first {day late} of autumn!


Yes, this is about sex {part 1}

**Be advised that this is not appropriate for all ages.  If you are under eighteen, please ask your parents before proceeding past this sentence.**

Before you being reading this, please note that no, I am not married.  No, I have never had sex.  And no, this article isn’t ‘my opinion’.  It’s my belief based on what I’ve studied in God’s Word.

I believe that sex is something a lot of people hesitate to talk about because it’s something that, yes, should be done privately.  But it’s also part of nature.  God created it.  I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

Sex is a beautiful thing - when done right.  And by right, I mean, done when and where God intended it to be done.  Sex was intended for marriage, to be performed in a marriage, and only between a husband and wife.

What is the purpose of sex?

Well primarily, it’s the God-given physical symbol of a man and woman joining together as one, in marriage.  After that, it’s the beautiful and most intimate way of expressing love between a husband and wife.  It’s to satisfy each other.  It’s an unselfish demonstration of mutual passion of love that the couple has for each other.  And of course, the way to procreate.

Just think about it.

God first created animals.  And gave them the ability to procreate by mating.  God also chose to give sex to humans.  But for more reasons than just to make babies.  He gave it to us to enjoy.  And also to know your partner in the deepest and most intimate way possible.  In Genesis 2:24 it says, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother and be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh.’  At weddings, you will hear the bride and groom exchange marriage vows.  Through these, they are joined together verbally and publically.  Afterwards, usually on the honeymoon, those vows are consecrated by the couple joining together physically by a physical union.  God designed men and women’s bodies to fit together perfectly.  That’s why gay marriage is so wrong and not natural.  (See my post on gay marriages HERE)

God created sex to be enjoyed within a marriage.  He looks down with joy on a couple showing this passionate love to each other when they are performing within His plan.  

Sex is just physical...isn’t it?

Actually, no, it’s not.  It’s so much more than that.

Why do you think that when someone has been sexually abused, it’s something they’re more ashamed of and scared of telling people than other traumas that may have happened in their lives?  

Especially for women.  Having sex is something that awakens a part of her that men don’t have.  Men are more physical, and are all about being physically satisfied.  Women are emotional.  Everything women do link back to some sort of emotion they have, a feeling they keep locked in their heart.  Even sex.

There’s a hormone that every girl has.  It’s called ‘oxytocin’.  Studies show that it’s released only three times in her life - when she has sex, when she gives birth and when she breastfeeds her baby.  This chemical emotionally attaches the woman to the other person for the rest of her life.  For men, it’s only released when bonding with their children.  Because of this hormone, a girl will always be emotionally connected to a man after she has sex with him.  So you think sex is a game?  Remember that it can mess up a girl’s brain and heart for the rest of her life.  This chemical also explains why we’re only supposed to have sex with one person.  And that one person should be the one you choose to spend the rest of your life with.

When is a person ready to have sex?

Well, there’s a one-question quiz that makes you answer that question yourself.  And that question is:

Are you married?

If your answer is ‘no’, then that’s the answer to your first question.
If your answer is ‘yes’, then by all means, enjoy!


‘Marriage is to be held in honor among all, and the marriage bed is to be undefiled; for the fornicators and adulterers God will judge.’
- Hebrews 13:4