Everyday Blessings // 14

photo by: Nigel Barros

>> having a job
>> getting along with coworkers
>> paying off a $900 debt
>> going to a concert in downtown Portland
>> exploring
>> late night runs to the store with Mama
>> ‘I missed you!’ from my little brother when I get home from work
>> finding someone near me who is willing to teach me Japanese
>> staying up late watching Vine videos (should I start my own account? Would you follow it?)
>> beach trips
>> getting a new phone (iPhone 5 for the win;)
>> finishing journals
>> getting packages in the mail
>> new hoodies
>> witnessing a friend marrying the love of her life
>> teaching a friend how to swing dance
>> meeting new people
>> movie marathons
>> setting new goals
>> finding amazing new quotes for my quote collection journals
>> autumn rain


Happy first {day late} of autumn!


  1. So I never really comment on these posts, but I really liked this one today, so here are some of my everyday blessings :)

    ~ Small town Friday night football games

    ~ The Colts beating the 49ers

    ~ Getting a 97 on your History test.

    ~ Apples

    ~ Being friends with someone again after having a fight

    ~ Brown eyes

    ~ FALL.

    Molly Marie

  2. I love hearing your everyday blessings posts, Raquel :) It's so good to think about the little things. . .and I love hearing about what's going on in your life!