Someone New | a poem

I know what it’s like
To want to give up
You’re tired of getting hurt
You’re tired of being used
You’re tired of people leaving your life.
Some people you thought
Would always be there
No matter what
But they changed 
Or you changed
Or both
And they’re no longer close to your heart.
You don’t know who to trust anymore
You don’t want to invest time 
In someone’s life
Only for them to leave you
And hurt you
And not come back.
But that’s life
People come and go
It’s an adventure -
Whether we like it or not.
And don’t ever give up
Don’t ever not want to get to know someone new
Because you never know if that new someone
Is the most important someone you will ever know...

1 comment:

  1. 1 word - wow. simple, yet moving. keep writing.

    God bless,