Everyday Blessings // 15

>> dreams coming true
>> filling a journal
>> getting my own Young Living Everyday Oils kit
>> country music
>> finding the perfect gift for a friend
>> buying new books
>> crisp autumn weather
>> the possibility of going on a mission's trip
>> long sweaters that reach all the way down to your hands
>> planning surprises
>> bonfires
>> baking, baking, baking
>> Papaya (clothing store)
>> Boba tea
>> catch-up chats with friends

Would my readers like me to start including more personal pictures in my Everyday Blessings posts?


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  1. I was wondering if you could do a post on essential oils and YL. I am starting to get into essential oils and my mom is signed up under them. I can't wait to sign up when I turn eighteen!!

  2. I really love these. It reminded me that I have so many "little things" in my life that are a blessing and things to be thankful for. I actually started doing this in my journal. As for your question, yes. I think it would be interesting to see more pictures in your Everyday Blessings posts.