Waiting IS Worshipping | guest post

I know I don't usually host guest posters, but I asked my good friend, Cody, if he'd be willing to share some of his wisdom with y'all.  He is one of the most godly men I know and always has great advice and incredible encouragement.  I hope you're as blessed by this article as I am.


Waiting on God is a really tough thing to do.  In fact, it's impossible to do without God. He's the one Who helps us and gives us the strength to do it.
Waiting is painful, and sometimes the only thing you can do is just cry, and know that God is in control, even though you can't see. You feel blind, like there is a thick fog all around you, and you can't see past it. All you want is an answer, which way to go.
I know because I've been there.
God will answer you.  He always does. That's one of His promises.
He might not answer in the way you want, be He will always answer.

"This is the confidence which we have before Him, that, if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests which we have asked from Him." (1 John 5:14-15)

At certain times, God doesn't give us the answer right away because if we got it, we would just put our hope and faith in the answer, instead of in Him. When He tells us to wait, all we have to hope in is HIM. And that's what He wants. That's want we need.
Sometimes I think we tend to think of our requests to God, as mail.  Though of course not literally, but meaning, we ask, it may take a day or two to get there, then He should answer yes or no within 5-7 business days.
But really, whether we admit it or not, that IS some of the time (if not a lot of the time) how we think. God doesn't work like that, His timing is perfect.  Not almost perfect, but exactly and down to the minutes and seconds perfect. We are so used to getting things in the mail, or at the store when we want, or in a very short time frame. And maybe if you pray harder and more you will get it faster, kinda like paying extra shipping costs. While you will most definitely grow closer to God if you pray more, that doesn't change God's timing for you.
Sometimes I notice that I try to make things happen (that I want to happen) without realizing it. And then when I'm in the middle of trying to make my own plan work, God reminds me to wait on Him and stop trying to go so fast and make it work right now. He already knows when and how it's going to work.  And there isn't anything I can do to make it go faster, God is the only one who has that power, and if He's not using it, it doesn't need to go faster.

Maybe God wants to say yes to you, but first He's opening your eyes to see Him, trust Him, and fall more in love with Him.  THEN He will overwhelm you with answering your request with a yes. Maybe you wouldn't have been overwhelmed with gratitude, and humbled the way you should be, if God just gave it to you now.
Maybe God wants to say no to you, but you just aren't ready to hear it, or receive it.  First He has to bring you closer to Himself so you can really see that NOT giving you what you want, is a blessing. Because you would've missed out on what He has for you. Whatever it is, it is so much better - a million times better than what you could've even dreamed of. Right now, nothing seems better than what YOU want. Just trust and believe, because soon you will see, and realize that God's plan and timing is amazingly perfect.
It's not wrong to hope for what you want, bring your requests to God, and maybe, just maybe, when everything looks like a no, He'll surprise you with a yes. You just need to let go, and have it taken away, so you could hold tighter to Jesus.
Until God has the relationship with you that He wants, you won't have the relationship YOU want with someone. You may think your relationship with God is the way it needs to be.  But truth is, you can never stop growing. Wait on God and let Him take you where you need to be. Just because your relationship with God may not be where it needs to be doesn't mean God is saying no.  It means God is saying wait. Always trust HIS timing and let Him bring you closer to Himself. God remains faithful, no matter what the circumstance. His plan is in the works. Trust and wait on Him to see what amazing things He's gonna do in your life.

I'd like to share a reminder that a good friend of mine told me:

'Focus on furthering your relationship with the LORD and everything else will fall into place.'

Remember, worshiping God isn't just singing.  It's a way of living life, and waiting.  Well, that's one of the biggest ways of worshiping Him. Remind yourself that Jesus is all you need, and He is everything good, and the reason for every good thing.


Songs for encouragement:

I don't know about you, but music is a HUGE part of my life, and God uses it to speak to me. I'd like to share some songs that have helped me a lot in the times of waiting.

      John Waller - "Worship while I'm Waiting"
      Addison Road - "Hope Now"
      The Afters - "Lift Me Up", "Broken Hallelujah", "Believe", "With You Always"
      Ashes Remain - "Everything Good"
      Britt Nicole - "Hanging on", "The Sun is Rising"
      Capital Kings - "You'll Never Be Alone"
      Cory Lamb - "Safe in You Arms"
      Josh Wilson - "Faith is Not a Feeling"
      Kutless - "I'm With You", "Believer"
     Sidewalk Prophets - "Help Me Find it"
     Tenth Avenue North(one of my personal Favs) "By Your Side", "Hold my Heart",
     "You Are", "Worn", "Satisfy"
     7eventh Time Down - "Just Say Jesus"
     Group1 Crew - "He Said"

 That should make a good playlist for you.

Verses of encouragement:

Psalm 27:14, Psalm 37:7-9, Isaiah 40:31,  Psalm 100:5, Romans 12:12, Proverbs 3:5-6, Psalm 55:22, Psalm 97:12, Psalm 46:1, Psalm 18:30, Psalm 37:5, Psalm 9:10, Psalm 28:7.



  1. This is perfect! Thanks so much for the encouragement. In the last few months, I have really learned what it is like to wait on the Lord, and to cry out to Him when nothing else makes sense.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! This was just what I needed to read right now. This was a huge source of encouragement to me. God bless!


  3. I LOOOVE the first song you listed!!!! Reminds me of 'Fireproof' and the truth of waiting on God!! Thank you!!


  4. This was perfect :) Thank you so much! I know I'm in a time of waiting right now, and this really opened my eyes to how discontent I was being. This was a great reminder that God's timing is perfect, and He never fails. Thanks again!

    Molly Marie

  5. Thanks so much for posting :) I've been reading your blog for quite awhile now, and I've always have loved your refreshing real point of view. Please keep it up! I loved the songs and scripture passages you've posted, and while looking, "never Beyond Repair" by the band Everfound kept playing in my head. I don't know it you've heard it before, but I thought it might be one you might appreciate :) May God bless you richly!