Random things which you may not know about me

  • I am...a forgiven sinner.
  • I am not...perfect.
  • I believe...in the Creator of the universe.
  • I keep...my phone near me all the time.
  • I need...love and music everyday.
  • I want...to be more like Christ.
  • I should...learn a language fluently.
  • I rarely...have music NOT playing.
  • I never...sleep past 9am.
  • I wish I could...give everyone a big hug and tell that that everything is in God’s control.
  • I don’t think...
  • I’m confused about...
  • I love...frozen yogurt, blueberries, big hugs, skinny jeans, boots, sweaters/hoodies, my life.
  • I hate...gossip, jealousy, and when people don’t think they’re beautiful and special and unique.
  • I fear...failure and losing a loved one.
  • I regret...nothing.  Because through every mistake I’ve made, God taught me a lesson.
  • I dance...like a crazy person.
  • I cry...when I’m really happy or really sad.  Or just plain emotional.
  • I hear...my sisters talking in the other room, someone stoking the woodstove fire, a car driving by, my music on shuffle, and the sound my laptop keys make as I type this out.
  • I see...my Macbook screen.


  1. Awesome post Raquel, and a very neat idea!! It was nice getting to know you a little bit better. I can see similarities in myself to what you wrote!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Would you mind if I did this on my blog??? I loved reading this post Raquel!! Its always fun to learn more about the person behind the blog! :)


  3. Fun post! I love frozen yo, too. :)


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