When your heart is too full for words

You know when your heart is too full for words
And what you’re feeling can’t be explained?
Or when your throat feels tight with emotion
But you don’t know whether to laugh or cry?
Sometimes it’s something good
Sometimes it’s bad
But no matter what situation it is
Whether you even know how you’re feeling or not
God hears what is not spoken
And understands what is not explained
He made your heart
He designed your emotions
He knit your self together.
Don’t ever feel that you can’t talk to Him
About anything and everything
And when your heart is too full for words
Just be still
And know that He can hear you, even in the silence.


'Search me, O God, and know my heart.  Try me and know my anxious thoughts.'
- Psalm 139:23


  1. Awesome post Raquel, thanks for the beautiful reminder!! Totally could use it today!!

  2. Thank you Raquel. I needed this today.

  3. so, so true!! thank for the reminder.

  4. After reading your blog I see your standards are to wait for marriage to have sex and that's GREAT! but I do have a question, I didnt wait for my first time to be with my future husband. I deeply regret not waiting but on November 4th 2013, I accepted Jesus as my king. My youth pastor told me that god still see's my sexual immortality and will not bless my future marriage. I am now committed to waiting but I'm confused. The bible says he makes all things new and forgets our sin as far as the east it from the west. Am I forgiven or not?