Everyday Blessings // 16

>> winning the Best Encourager 2013 blog award
>> a house full of friends for Thanksgiving
>> finally being able to listen to Christmas music
>> the first snow
>> volunteering at one of my favorite bands' merch tables at Winter Jam
>> nicknames
>> new books by favorite authors
>> recording in a studio
>> emails from readers in other countries
>> decorating for Christmas
>> friends visiting from afar
>> writing a new song
>> looking forward to a friend's wedding this weekend
>> knowing that a new year is quickly approaching


What are some blessings that God has showered on you lately?


  1. >> sharing giggles & smiles with those i love
    >> the swirl of hot black in my coffee cup every morning
    >> baby-cuddles
    >> shelves sagging with old books
    >> over-sized sweatshirts
    >> the daily reminder of God's grace
    >> "we were us" by miranda lambert and keith urban :)

  2. * sounds of firends talking
    * laughter though the houses
    * decorating for christmas
    *wraping gifts

  3. Going on random Christmas shopping trips with my best friend/older sister.

    God's protection and knowing that He's never gonna leave me.

    The weekend!!!!

    My sweet Mama!! <3

    "I Want Crazy" by Hunter Hayes


  4. ~ Riding around a friend's new property on a quad-bike.
    ~ Impromptu water fights
    ~ Old-fashioned games: Scrabble, Taboo and Pictionary
    ~ Laughing till your sides ache
    ~ Christmas rum balls
    ~ Decorating the tree and house with family

    Cassie xoxoxo

  5. Christmastime is my favorite season! It's so full of cozy little blessings :)