I Can't | a prayer

'I can't do this, God.'
'Do you trust me?'
'Well, yeah, but - '
'Trusting Me should never come with a condition or second guess.'
'I know but - '
'Either you trust Me completely or not at all.'
'Yes, but - '
'Do you believe I Am sovereign?'
'That I Am in control?'
'That I have only your best interests at heart?'
'Then wait.'
'But - '
'And serve Me while you wait.  Be patient.  And praise Me, even when You don't understand My plan.'
'It's so hard though.  This is painful.  I keep running into things and tripping and falling.'
'But I'm always there to help you get back up.  You know why?'
'Because I'm not finished with you yet.  Nothing can touch you without going through My hands first.  Everything you experience has a lesson in it.  Look for it and learn from it.'
'Yes, Father.'
'Remember that all you need to worry about is trusting and serving Me.  I'm taking care of the rest.  You don't know what's up ahead, you can't control the future.  I do.  And I can.  And more than that, I love you.  I have amazing plans for you.  And one day, you will look back on this time in your life and see just how I used it for your good.  And My glory.'



  1. Beautiful poem and great photography!

  2. What an encouraging post, Raquel! Thanks so much for sharing! This is a great reminder as we enter 2014!

  3. Beautiful Raquel. Very convicting.

  4. raquel! i love this. this is really what i needed to hear. keep listening to the voice of your holy father!

  5. Wow this was beautiful! Truly how my heart is, but....I will have faith and trust in the lord

  6. Wow this is so great! Really shows the way I feel but....I know I must trust in the Lord.