Live like you're dying

I can only imagine that being on the brink of death is one of the most humbling experiences ever.  Knowing that you won’t be a part of this life for much longer makes you suddenly realize all the things you could be doing differently.  You would be filled with regret for things past, but a determination to make things better.  Shouldn’t we always think this, though?  Maybe we should start living like we’re dying.

We want to rush through life so fast, but compared to eternity, our years are smaller than a dot in time.  We want to grow up fast.  Get married soon.  Have lots of children.  But why can’t we just live for the moment?  If you were dying, you would count every second as the last.  You would take every breath as if you wouldn’t breathe again.  You would spend as much time as possible with the people you love.  You would take risks, determine to accomplish goals, tell someone something that you wouldn’t otherwise have the courage to say.

There are so many stories of people who lived for the moment, and before their family knew it, they were gone - a car accident, kidnapping, or they’re suddenly diagnosed with cancer and don’t have too much time left.  Other stories are even more sad.  Of families who were torn apart, relationships that were broken and then, suddenly, one of them is not there.  The people left behind wish so much that they would’ve spent more time with that person.  They wish that they hadn’t treated them this or that way.  We need to realize that life is so fragile.  We’re here one minute, and could be gone the next. 

Don’t waste your time on earth!  Don’t forget the precious moments with your family!  Don’t rush ahead!  Life will come to you and God has it all planned out.  



  1. So true! I just read a book "if we survive" that really showed the Beaty of life and that we need to life it as if we'd die the next day! Great post- ill be sharing this on google+

  2. love this! I think about death a lot, (no I'm not morbid) and I love the perspective of this. If we would live life from this perspective, we would live so differently!! a huge challenge.

  3. It is a challenge . . . and it's a challenge not to become obsessed with it, too, once we start gaining a new perspective on our life. But our world--I-- don't think about the fact that I will die someday nearly enough! Thanks, Raquel!

  4. You would like "Death by Living" by N.D. Wilson, I think, Raquel. This has been a topic much on my mind lately too; I recently blogged on this. Thankyou. :)

  5. The song Live Like You're Dying by Kris Allen is good! :)