Some facts about me that make up who I am

Okay.  You got me.  I’m not perfect.  I don’t even come close to perfect.  Part of me wishes I could say that I am really, really almost-there close to perfect, but I’m deciding to make this post brutally honest and just say exactly what I’m like and who I am.
(and yes, that is my second time using the ‘brutally honest’ phrase within my last two posts...)

My room has absolutely no theme to it.  I’ve tried, and failed at that.  I have mismatched sheets, random colored blankets at the foot of my bed, and none of my furniture matches.  My walls hold tons of movie and band posters.  I have only one shelf of books and movies in my room (the rest of my collection is housed in a huge bookshelf in the hallway, which my parents were so kind enough to let me use).  I don’t have as many shoes as most people think women have.  I don’t own very many skirts or dresses.  I love dressing up and going to fancy events and such but rarely have the occasion for that so 99% of the time, you’ll find me in either sweats or comfy, fitted jeans.  I’m slightly obsessed with hoodies and own more than the average girl.  (Let’s just say I love hoodies as much as the classy city girls love shoes and purses).  Oh that’s another thing.  I use a large canvas bag as a purse (for now anyway).  My closet is filled with mostly Papaya, Aeropostale and random brands of clothes that I find for good deals at thrifts shops.  I rarely buy things brand new.  And I love recycling clothes or giving them to my sisters (blood-related or adopted).  

My hair is very rarely done in any pretty hairstyle.  I’ve tried (believe me) to do a cute little design in it when I first start my morning, but by noon, it’s a wreck and either thrown loose or in a high bun.  

I rarely paint my nails.  I find it somewhat of a waste of time and nailpolish is a heck to remove so I would just rather do without.  

I love to workout and set goals for myself every month which, no, I don’t always achieve them, but I’m happy with my body so don’t stress myself out too much about making it any more thin.  My Grandma already says that I’m ‘so skinny and need to eat more!’  I’m not a workout freak like a lot of women I know.  I just feel that all that time I’d work out could be used for something much more beneficial.

There are tons of classes I want to take, but haven’t been able to (mostly because of the lack of money in my bank account and/or wallet).  I want to learn Kali.  I want to continue in hip-hop classes.  I want to do theater.  I want to work on perfecting my vocal skills.  So...we’ll see...

After 6 o’clock in the evening, I rarely care what I look like.  If my makeup was even managed to be put on that day, I don’t care if it’s smeared or doesn’t look like I have any on at all.  

I have writer’s block at least once a month (okay, at least four times a month).  And then sometimes, I have a mirage of writing ideas that come to me so quickly, I don’t always have the time to write them down.

I pretty much never watch TV, but when I do, my channels change between FOOD and anything pertaining to house hunting.  I never watch my favorite TV shows on TV either.  (That’s what Netflix is for, right?)  Oh and for those of you who are wondering, my Top 5 favorite shows (that you very well may find me up till 1 o’clock watching) are: Leverage, Enlisted, Arrow, Sherlock and Psych.

I have tons of knitting and crocheting projects I’ve never finished.  

I’ve never been able to keep a plant alive (my Mama usually rescues them before I give up and throw them out of the pot).  

I get jealous very easily - of family, of friends.  Not jealous OF, exactly.  But jealous FOR.  Like if I hear that you hung out with any of my best friends all day yesterday and you go on and on about how much fun you had together, blah blah blah, I’ll probably just give you the ice princess look and not talk to you for a while.  

I will bawl my eyes out in certain movies, at certain scenes that aren’t the most-cryable parts.  (I cried at the END of ‘Defiance’ - right before the credits rolled.  And I cried when Landon goes to his father’s house in the middle of the night - in A Walk To Remember.)  Random crying moments like that.  Oh and speaking of movies, I will watch anything action-packed and bloody any day, over something that has anything gooey or gross (in lack of any better words to describe exactly what I’m thinking...)

I love nicknames and used to wish I had one......and now I have about twenty.

I used to be so concerned about what people think and tell others about me.  But as I’ve grown older, I’ve realized that people can be really mean sometimes.  And people give up on you and your friendship.  And people who you used to love suddenly think of you as an enemy.  And you have to move on from them and everything you thought they were.  And realize that God had put them in your life for only that short season.  And pray that during that time, you could’ve somehow shown them just a glimpse of God’s love. (And I used about a million ‘ands’ in the paragraph)

I love photography and have a beautiful Nikon d3100 DSLR that I thought I would use everyday and become some famous photographer in a couple years.  But, truth is, I think there are millions of more amazing photographers out there (including some friends of mine) that I kind of buried that dream and have accepted the role of ‘photographer if needed’.  If someone loves my photos, hurray for that.  Otherwise, it’s okay to not be known for being an excellent photographer.

I used to be able to boast that I’ve never said a swear word in my whole entire life, but as of a couple years ago, a few bad words have slipped from my mouth.  Nothing to be proud of, but hey, I’m not perfect.

I will accept chocolate at any time of any day, even if I know that I might break out by the end of the night.  (Tip: drink LOTS of water while eating chocolate.  This is a proven fact (by yours truly) that you will have less of a chance of breaking out)

I hate watermelon.  And tomato soup (unless it’s my Mama’s homemade stuff. Then, it's okay).  

I bite my bottom lip...quite often.  

I sleep with at least one blanket - not matter how hot it is.  

I love awkward moments.  I’m really good at making them un-awkward or have a blast making them even MORE awkward.

I notice features about people.  Certain things about them that at first glance, may be overlooked.  I think this comes from drawing portraits and having to study facial features and characteristics. (For example, I was watching something with a friend of mine the other day and remarked on how one of the actors had ‘similar lips to Channing Tatum’.  Needless to say, she gave me a look that told me I was pretty much insane.)

My signature phrases are: ‘Oh my gosh!’, ‘Seriously?’, ‘Holy cow!’ and ‘That is fabulous!’

And before this post gets any more ridiculous and long...

So you see, I’m kind of a mess.  A crazy, wild, weird sort of mess.  And I’ve learned to accept it and embrace it.  Because that mess is who I am.  I used to be so envious of girls who seemed like they had it altogether.  They had the perfect room - completely color schemed, with matching furniture, did well in their school, could afford everything they wanted, and a little more.  Had the perfect hair, perfect skin, perfect body shape.  But I realized that what may look like perfect on the outside is just my definition of it.

I know one thing for sure, though.  I know that my heart is in the right place because I know that God is my everything.  And no matter how imperfect I think I am, this is just the way He made me and I can embrace it with my whole soul because He loves the way He made me and He loves me just the way I am.  I will fulfill His calling on my life every day that I live.  I will use my voice, my talents, my gifts, my craziness to tell others about Him.  I will be crazy for Jesus, cuz oh does He know I’m crazy in love with Him.  I will not let worldly, worthless things get in the way of my joy in Him or distract me from what God has placed in my heart.  I was born for so much more than that.  I was born for His purpose.  And what a comforting and fulfilling thought to know that through Christ, I can do all things.


  1. Wow, what a beautiful post! It's fabulous to get a peak into your life (hmm. it sounds an awful lot like mine).


  2. I wrote a very similar post just the other day. Lovely, Raquel! Your writing is so encouraging.

    1. Thank you! Praise God:) Thanks for being a reader and leaving sweet comments!

  3. Okay so I LOOOOOOVED this!!!! I feel like I don' t know that much about you cuz you rarely post about yourself, so I enjoyed reading this! And girl, I HATE watermelon too!! It is soo tasteless and watery and grossss!! :( haha


    1. haha Amanda, your comments are always so full of exclamation marks and capital letters. Love it. haha Thanks for being a reader and commenting frequently! Means a lot:)
      And it sounds like we have a few things in common;)

  4. Wonderful blog post, it's great to see someone so confident in who they are and especially in God :) just wanted to say I love Psych and so sad the last season is about to start. Also since you watch Sherlock, you might want to try Doctor Who. It is like the best tv show eveeeer! ~ Antavia

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. All glory goes to God!
      I have a lot of friends who are Doctor Who fans... I'm thinking about giving it a try sometime. We'll see;)