Surrendering the Memories

‘It takes a moment to create a memory.  And a lifetime to forget it.’

We will always have memories.  Some are good, some are not as good.  But whether we like them or not, they have been made in our lives and they will come to mind at, sometimes, the most random of moments.

Yesterday, I was struggling with some certain not-so-pleasant memories.  The moments in which they were made seemed lovely and perfect and beautiful and all that good stuff.  But things happened.  Life changed.  And those recollected times aren’t as happy anymore.

I’m sure you can all relate in one circumstance or another.

But...I was reminded of something. 

It doesn’t matter how often we have memories or think back to certain occasions.  What matters is what we do with those memories.  We can’t change them, no matter how hard we want or try to.  But we can choose to turn the pain over to Jesus.  And He will always replace it with peace, comfort and healing.  He never allows His children to go through pain without a purpose.  He will make beauty from this.  Our job is to look ahead to the future, and use the lessons from the past to help us in our callings and what He has planned for us.

Don’t let other people’s mistakes from the past steal your joy in the present.  God has so much in store for you.  He had you go through all that for a reason, but looking back isn’t going to help.

Be filled with His joy today.  Pray and invite Him into every situation your face, every memory you recollect.  Let His mighty power transform your life.  Surrender all to Him and watch as He takes the broken pieces and with them, makes something far more beautiful than before.


'And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God.  To them who are called according to His purpose.'
- Romans 8:28


  1. Thank-you for reminding me of this, Raquel. Totally needed to read this. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Praise the LORD! I hope it blessed and encouraged you.

  3. Thanks for posting this! I've been struggling with giving up complete control of my life to God, even though I have been a professed Christian for several years. I've done a lot of things that I want to forget-this is a good reminder to me to give everything to God, because he will work it for good.

    1. Surrendering to God's will and control in your life can be very difficult sometimes. But I promise it's so much better than what you could hope for. And yes! He will ALWAYS work everything out for our good - and His glory!