My soul waits in silence | a poem

My soul waits in silence
For You only are my shield
My rock in time of despair
My comfort when I am scared
You are my salvation
When life threatens to break me down
You are my stronghold
I will not be shaken, I will be bold
My hope is from You
I trust in You forever
You are my glory rest
And I know Your plans for me are best
My refuge is in Your hands
I will pour my heart before You
Once You have spoken
And twice I have heard this
That power belongs to  You alone
And Your lovingkindness can turn a heart of stone
My soul waits in silence...


Inspired by Psalm 62


  1. Oh, beautiful! We need, need, need to silence our souls. . . .

    walking in the air.

  2. This is beautiful. I also truly enjoyed your previous post about tips for singles. Especially the last point, about deepening one's relationship with God.....wow. I am quickly learning that a guy, even THE guy, won't and can't fully satisfy you, can't meet your every emotional need, and can't always be there for you. That's what Jesus is for! HE will never ever leave or forsake us.

    Thanks for your posts Raquel.....as usual they are an encouragement to me :-)