Everyday Blessings // 19

>> turning 19 years old yesterday
>> not even realizing that this is my nineteenth 'Everyday Blessings' post
>> new slippers
>> money
>> shopping with my bro
>> cheesecake
>> new jeans
>> water
>> email correspondence with friends
>> receiving items to review from Etsy shops
>> a new email address
>> hearing a sermon that is so perfect and applicable to my current life situations
>> receiving a phone call from a friend after just waking up
>> three new journals
>> iTunes gift card
>> new shoes
>> being inspired to write a song
>> getting the first two seasons of Leverage on DVD
>> being wished a 'happy birthday' from some fabulous people on Twitter


How has your month of April started out?


  1. 3 days in April, all I can say is, Thank you God. :)

  2. happy happy bday raquel!! wow, i'm only a year and four months older than you! i thot we were the same age!! haha hope your day is amazing!! <3

  3. Happy 19th, Raquel. Wishing you a wonderful year and I hope you enjoy every minute of these blessings. Yay for Leverage and iTunes. Both are some of the best simple joys. :)

  4. Happy (late) birthday! Don't you love thinking about all the wonderful little blessings in life? One of my "everyday blessings" is getting to read about yours :)

  5. I love receiving items from an Etsy shop! Their so unique and precious in their own way!

  6. I love reading your Blessings Posts. :)

  7. love these posts, i hope you don't mind that i borrowed your idea!