We each have memories of things we’ve done, things we’ve said, places we’ve been, and sights we’ve seen - some of which, we wish we could experience again.  Maybe for the purpose of reliving that moment because of how amazing and beautiful it was.  Or maybe for the purpose of changing it because we know the affects it had on us afterwards.  

The fact is, though, that God designed each of those moments to happen at a precise time in our lives because He used them to shape us.  Who we are today is only because of what we’ve experienced.  And how God used those experiences to impact us.  Whether good or bad.  If we were to reverse any part of our history, we wouldn’t be the person we are today.  

Don’t look behind you.  Remember the moments, but don’t let them dictate your future.  Live freely.  Live fully.  Make mistakes.  Learn from them.  Have wonderful memories.  And never second guess who you are and whether or not God knows what He’s doing.  Because He does.  He knows where you’ve been, where you’re going, and the person He’s creating you to be.  Trust His timing and His Maker’s hands.  And when you fall and make a wrong choice, don’t think that He didn’t know it was going to happen.  God teaches us through anything - even our scrapes and bruises.


He loves me more than I can tell you
You should see what He's done with me
He has made me new
Oh His strength I can handle anything
In Jesus' Name 
You should see the change 
He has made me new

‘Ode’ - David Dunn


Psst, today is the last day of April...


  1. Thank-you for this encouraging note, Raquel. It was very uplifting. :)

    Did you get my message on Facebook by any chance? Just wondering.
    Take care!

  2. What a lovely post..thanks for sharing!