Need to be rescued

‘I’m waiting for my Prince Charming to rescue me from the life of singleness.’

How many times have we heard girls say this?  Or perhaps one of you used to be one of those girls?  Some of us were taught with the mentality that ‘being single’ is like being a ‘damsel in distress’.  And only a man, a knight in shining armor, our Prince Charming, could save us from this life of woe.

First of all, I feel sorry for all the guys who’ve met girls who think this.  I’m sure they feel a lot of pressure, a lot of demands, and what if they aren’t exactly a knight in shining armor?  What if some of their armor is chipped?  They aren’t perfect.  They aren’t the handsomest.  They aren’t sure they can live up to all the expectations these girls have of what they want their Prince Charming to be and look like.  Let’s face it.  All those Disney princes were pretty near perfect.

Secondly, girls need to realize that ‘being single’ is not something bad.  It’s not something to be ashamed of.  It’s not something to be rescued from.  In a world with so many opportunities for both men and women alike, girls have tons of options to choose to invest their single life time into.  Pouting and waiting for Prince Charming isn’t a good use of their time, no?  And I wonder how girls would feel if the only thing guys thought about when it came to searching for a wife is that she has to be an exact version of Cinderella?  (Well, actually, I think Barbie is more of the hype, but that's another story...)

Like the quote in the above picture states: what we single ladies need to be rescued from is the notion that we need to be rescued.  Yes, a notion.  Not a fact.  We aren't perfect.  Neither are any guys out there.  And thus, no guy can make your life happy and perfect.  You don't need to be rescued.  You don't need to be in distress.  Rescue yourself.  From the theory that you need to be rescued.


'Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.'
- Psalm 37:4


  1. It's so hard to realize this -- that marriage and/or relationship will not fix anything about your life. And in fact, Jesus is Who we should be living for. He is the reason for our existence. But wow, is it difficult to think that way!

  2. Awesome post Raquel! You're so right: we don't need to be 'rescued' in order to live a full and lovely life.

    I just wanted to put in a caution about using Psalm 37:4 in this context... It's an awesome verse, full of promise... but unfortunately we can often twist it to mean something it doesn't. The word 'desires' refers to a specific set of desires: namely, GOD, and the righteous desires that come from desiring and knowing God. {I've written a post about this: http://purelyhis-bringinghimglory.blogspot.com.au/2013/12/psalm-374.html} I doubt you meant in this verse in the way most people see it - God will give them every desire if they delight in Him - but it needs to be used carefully. :)


  3. This is so great! I sent The link to this to a friend who I think really needed to hear this. Thank you Raquel!

  4. Great Blog post! I think so many girls get caught up in the notion that in order to be happy they must have a man in their life...but its so not true! Im enjoying my single years not single, not taken, just souled out!