Everyday Blessings // 21

>> random phone call from a friend
>> fro-yo with a friend
>> Divergent (the movie)
>> hiking and exploring with my bro and a friend
>> volunteer serving at my local PRC's dinner event
>> pumpkin pie
>> roadtrip to Seattle with a friend
>> my camera (Niina)
>> Dutch Bros.
>> relaxing in a cute and cozy coffee shop
>> trying out a pizza parlor in downtown Seattle
>> being encouraged by people I don't even know
>> getting lost...and finding my way
>> cheesecake
>> The Amazing Spider-Man 2
>> sleeping with my window open
>> clean blankets
>> Bible pages being completed highlighted
>> celebrating 5 years of having my purity ring on my finge
>> my testimony being shared in the No Sex Movement ministry and getting so much feedback from people who the LORD touched through it.


How has your May been so far?  Tell me some of the things God has blessed you with this month.


  1. May really has been a good month for me, and yours looks like fun, too. Some good things that have happened to me this month are having good convos with my fellow classmates and seeing the world come alive again. And drinking iced dirty chai tea lattes, of course. yum.

  2. Was the Amazing Spiderman 2 um, well, amazing!??! ;) I'm dying to see it! He's my fave, besides Cap'n America!! haha
    And next year when I turn 21, I will be celebrating 5 years with my purity ring too! :)