And I'm off!

Today is a first for many things.  

My first time flying alone for more than 4 hours.  My first time out of the country.  My first time to Peru.  Yes, it’s finally here.  The day I’ve been planning for since last November.  I am going to Peru for 17 days.  

When the LORD first made it clear to me that this was what He wanted me to do, I was like ‘okay, but I have absolutely no idea how to raise all the funds for my trip, so I’m handing this all over to You to provide for me’.  And He did.  I raised all the money I needed - and more!  It’s been an incredible and very humbling experience to see HOW He has provided for me.  From something as large as a friend who I haven’t seen in years sending me $100, to something as small (yet significant) as work boots that I needed going on sale from $70 to $29.  His hand truly has been in all of this and I am so, so blessed.


Here are a few specific prayer requests that I am asking people, if possible, to remember to pray for me about.  Thank you so much if you do.  It means a lot to me.

- safe travels
- no complications
- that I find my luggage
- that I will be a witness to any of my unbelieving family members
- safety while touring
- that time with family will be well-spent
- that I will be bold for Christ no matter who I’m with or around
- that I don’t get food poisoning
- that there are no complications meeting up with my team on the 7th
- that the bus ride goes smoothly and I don’t get carsick
- that I connect with all my team members
- that both teams get along well (30 people in all)
- that we arrive at Kusi safely
- that we connect well with the boys
- strength against spiritual attacks
- that the LORD would speak through me when I help lead worship in the evenings
- that we get a lot of work done
- that our presence will be more of a blessing than a burden
- safe flight back to the US (Texas)
- emotional strength saying goodbye to all my team members
- safe flight back to Portland (home!!)


Father God, I am presenting myself to You to be transformed.  I pray that You use me in whatever way You desire to.  Make me to be sanctified in Your truth.  Help me to learn much from You during this time in Peru.  Help me to always focus on honoring and glorifying You with everything I do, say and think.  Renew my mind in Your Word.  Show Your glory through my life.  Speak through my words.  Bless others through my touch and my smile.  Give me patience and strength.  May You always be praised.  Forever.  Amen.


  1. Travelling mercies my dear sister, all will be well! x

  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MtD1z0A9dLM

  3. Praying for you Raquel--today and throughout your travels! Can't wait to hear how God uses this opportunity!

  4. Ohhhh wow that is so awesome Raquel!!! I will definitely do my best to try and remember to pray for you!!! Have an amazing time!! <3 <3

  5. God bless you, girl! -- Rachel

  6. Ohh, this is exciting! praying for ya. ;)

  7. God has blessed you. Safe trip I'll be praying you.