Everyday Blessings // 23

>> roadtrip to the beach with friends
>> cheese
>> guest posting (read my guest post on Monday over at ThoseFellows.com)
>> getting good deals on clothes and other necessary items for my trip
>> encouraging and refreshing talks with best friends
>> laughter
>> band photoshoot
>> recording a new cover
>> pears and cottage cheese (seriously, it's super yummy)
>> new tanktops
>> Oregon rain
>> resolving and settling frustrations
>> new camera card
>> getting my hair layered and styled (don't worry, it's still long)
>> family visiting from out of state
>> outdoor cooking
>> getting hugged by a child
>> baby's breath
>> new flipflops
>> that overwhelming feeling when I stop and realize just how blessed I am


How is your June month ending for you?:)


  1. June has been good. this past week was hard and is still hard but I'm learning, and it's ok.

    I like these lists and I wanna see pics from your roadtrip. :)

  2. June has been fun. Lots of birthdays and sun. Good list. Keep us posted.