The Most Relatable Post

Everyone wants to be understood.  Everyone wishes that there could be at least one person who knows them well enough to see past their tough exterior and care for the soft, broken pieces of a tired heart.  Someone who knows when to talk, and when to listen.  Someone who can relate to certain things that are happening in their life.

But sometimes being real with people is hard.  Sometimes we’re so worried that they won’t like who we really are.  Some of us are big people-pleasers.  Some of us feel that we have to be different around certain people.  Now there’s a difference between faking who you are and just adapting to who you’re with.  For example, if you’re hanging out with someone who loves talking about the business and marketing class that they’re taking at school, you’re not going to be talking all about the latest coffee drink at Dutch Bros.  You need to learn to relate to others as you would want them to relate to you.  Be interested in what they’re learning, what they want to talk about.  There should be a healthy balance, of course, but learn to relate to others so they can learn to relate to you.

Part of being understood is learning to understand.  When we are genuinely interested in what someone is trying to tell us, it’s easier for us to relate to what they’re saying because we care about how they feel.  Learn to be relatable.  Learn that being yourself is the best way to go about getting to know anyone.  Friendship can only be built off of honesty and trust that the other person is honest with you.  And through that, you will learn to be open and understanding and relatable.

Wanting someone to relate to you and your circumstances is natural and a part of every day life.  Don’t feel that you’re being picky or seeking attention (well, be sure to examine your heart and intentions because that may be what you’re doing).  Remember that everyone you know, meet, and come in contact with is going through something.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to them.  Who knows?  Maybe you’re just the person they need...and maybe you need them.


  1. What an awesome post Raquel!! I enjoyed reading it!!! : )

  2. I needed to hear this, Raquel. thank you muchly, and this was so so good.

    1. Praise the LORD! You are most welcome. Thank you for commenting!

  3. I needed to hear this as well. Sometimes it's really hard to reach out to someone and be totally open to them. This really got me thinking about one friend in particular so thanks!

    Oh an. I just started my own blog and I wanted to see if anybody could check it out! http://writingwithcrayons.blogspot.com/2014/06/365-days-of-love-notes-week-23.html?m=1