I'm back from Peru

When people ask me how my trip to Peru was, my natural instinct is to reply: 'It was great!'  That's a quick, easy response.  And one in which most people are satisfied with.  They nod, smile, say 'Glad to hear it', and carry on.

Yet I want to say so much more.

Peru was more than just great.  God's work in me while there was more than just great.  He taught me many lessons.  Not just about another country He created.  Not just about a different culture.  But about small and large things alike.

He showed me that a small meal where much love abounds is more satisfying than a feast where animosity reigns.

He showed me that the power of affection is so much stronger than rivalry.  That loving someone regardless of them loving me back is an irreplaceable experience.  And that true love and care is absolutely and completely self-less.

He showed me the incredible beauty of how the church of Christ is not a building, but in every one of His children, and when you cram and squish over 40 people into a little cafe in a tiny town at the foot of the largest mountain of Peru, God is even there.

He showed that language is not a barrier and that in a room with two different languages being spoken, we were all praising the same God.  The God who made each of us so alike and connected through Him, yet so completely different and unique from the next.

He taught me that 'home' is not where I was born or where I currently live, but where He has placed my heart - or pieces of it.

He taught me to live in the moment.  To not be preoccupied with the minute before, or the hour ahead, but to give myself fully to whatever second He has placed me.  Whatever moment I was in, to live it fully.

He taught me how something as dirty and hard-working as making adobe bricks, or washing dirty clothes, if done in and with love, is a beautiful act of ministry and servitude.

These are just a few of the things my Abba showed me while in Peru.  And they are all lessons that He wanted to teach me there - so far from home, in a place I was going to for the first time, and with people I didn't know.  And I wouldn't trade one second of any of my time there for anything in the world.
It wasn't perfect.  It was hard.  It was testing.  It was an experience.  But through it all, He is faithful.  And I rested so completely and fully in that truth.  And I shall continue to, by His grace.

Peru is another home to me.  And I plan to go back as soon as God makes it clear when.


In which I show you pictures of...Oregon

(No, I'm not home yet.  I just decided to post this because, well, I miss Oregon and writing about it and showing others helps my homesickness for its lushness.)

I know I talk quite often about how much I love Oregon. But I feel I haven't done my home state justice by not showing my readers enough pictures of it.
This post won't have many words. I shall let God's creation in Oregon speak for itself...

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