Everyday Blessings // 24

>> photographing the wedding of two of my friends (that's them above ^)
>> eating ice cream right out of the container
>> being able to talk with a best friend who was recently deployed
>> helping coordinate a friend's wedding
>> catching my second wedding bouquet
>> purchasing a plane ticket
>> having three weddings to attend in August, one in September, and two in October
>> baking chocolate chip cookies with my sisters
>> The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack
>> a new movie poster (yes, The Fault In Our Stars)
>> fixing a zipper on a new dress
>> my Peruvian flag
>> a random cool, rainy and beautiful day amidst a week of eighty degree weather
>> late movie nights with friends
>> reading my Spanish Bible
>> being told that I am missed
>> that moment when one of your favorite songs comes on shuffle... (yes, that just happened)

How has your August been so far?  What have you been up to?

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  1. My August has been busy! My family went to Maine, and I start school next week! I like these posts. =)