Everyday Blessings // 25

>> attending the 13th wedding I was invited to this year
>> books
>> having time to read
>> a new movie poster (Guardians of the Galaxy)
>> receiving donations for my return trip to Peru
>> friends coming over for a movie day (Anne of Green Gables - their pick!)
>> seeing my Marine friend who's on leave
>> hearing from my boys at the home in Peru
>> two friends calling and informing me that they were coming to kidnap me (at 10pm)
>> going to Shari's for pie shakes at midnight
>> starting a bonfire on the beach at 1am
>> finishing a book series
>> Autumn is finally here


How has your autumn been so far?


  1. Awh, this is such a fun list! =D Autumn has been great for me, so far. =)

  2. I wanna start a bonfire on the beach at 1am. sounds like fall is going well for you so far!

    1. It was seriously one of the best memories I made this year. You should totally do it sometime!

  3. My autumn has been fantastic!! In fact, I just went to a pumpkin patch for the 1st time in about 15 years!! It was soo fun and I've misses that childhood tradition!! Also getting to spend time with my best friend/sister today!

    1. Oh how fun! Sounds like you've definitely had a great autumn so far:)

  4. Three cheers for a new movie poster - I cannot wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy. Everyone says its too much fun. :)

    Anne is a classic movie.

    Yay for Autumn. My favorite season still.

    Fun post, Raquel. These are always lovely. :)