God's Love vs. The World's Love

“And now abide these three: faith, hope and love.  But the greatest of these is love.”
- 1 Corinthians 13:13

I’m a true romantic.  But the love talked about in this verse is the truest of true romantic loves.  The romance of the world is very often misshaped and selfish and not able to withstand the many abusive blows it receives.  

But the love of God...now that is the purest kind.  Completely selfless, immensely sacrificial, unstoppable, a burning and unquenchable passion, a jealous and unchanging love.  This makes it the strongest possible kind.  And one that is so incomparable.  It can’t be bought, it is only given.  It is never manipulated, but given with grace.  And it can never, ever be broken.  The truth is, not even death can contain, limit or abolish this awesome love of God.  

Our relationship with God is a romance.  And a greater romance has never been told.  It’s a romance that is eternal, not like the world’s.  It’s a romance that is infinite.  It was being formed before the universe was spoken into existence.  And it began with the powerful love we were just talking about.  That same love is the one, the same power that sustained Christ when He gave up His last breath on the cross to save the chosen sinners.  That love is woven and knit into each of the souls of His elect.  And He is constantly wooing us and romancing us through blessings that He continually pours out on our lives.  When no human stands with us through a storm, He is always there.  When we experience heartache and pain, He remains faithful.  This love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things.

As God’s child, are you rebelling against the world’s standards of love and showing the true colors of love?  The love that He manifested in smiting His own Son to die in your stead?

World: Love satisfies your immediate needs.
God: Love is patient.

World: Love should be directed towards yourself.
God: Love is kind.

World: Love is only satisfied when you are being shown attention
God: Love is not jealous.

World: Love means that you deserve the best.
God: Love is not boastful.

World: Love is doing for yourself whatever makes you happy.
God: Love is not rude.

World: Love is doing everything for your own benefit.
God: Love is selfless.

World: Love is only there if you treat them right all the time
God: Love forgives and forgets.

World: Love hides behind lies so others think they’re without fault
God: Love rejoices in the truth.

World: Love comes and goes.
God: Love never fails.

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