Everyday Blessings // 26

I'm finally back!  I will try to catch up on my lack of posts.


>> visiting a friend in Pennsylvania
>> attending the 14th wedding I was invited to this year
>> receiving funds for my trip, donated by blog readers and fans
>> purchasing my ticket to Peru
>> neck pillows
>> running into a friend at a layover, and the airline being kind enough to seat us together on the flight home
>> new books
>> introducing a friend to amazing movies
>> Lucky Charms
>> performing (singing) at a cafe
>> best friends sleep-over
>> this autumn weather
>> previewing a friend's completed manuscript


How has your October been so far?


  1. Mine went with
    ◆ Blessings and learnt many life's lessons.
    ◆Betrayal from many friends
    ◆Finally blogged some useful things.

  2. My October has been wonderful...I always l. o. v. e. this month. Actually today is my 18th birthday. Can't wait to have PSL from Starbucks. It is fall in a cup.