Write About Life

I’m tired of writing what I think you want to hear
Instead I want to write and tell you how I feel
A man I once knew told me a secret -
The secret to writing isn’t about the words
It’s about the meaning behind them
It’s about the emotion
The raw vulnerability
The passion to make a point
Even if you know you’ll be rejected from all sides
It doesn’t matter what the crowd passes as the verdict
What matters is that you say what’s on your heart
What’s on your mind
And if that alone touches just one person
You will have succeeded.
Writing is life
And life has pain
Life has sorrow
It’s all those things
And those are all the minute details that you must write about
And write them freely
Write them with raw emotion
Write them with the intention
Of touching at least one person
And when someone lashes out at you
When they read your thoughts and feelings
And they seem to judge your every letter
Remember this:
To hate is to feel strongly against someone
But to love is to feel strongly for someone
And when someone hates your work
Be stronger than them
By loving them back
Write to them
Write for them
The world is full of people who hate
Because they’ve been hurt
Because they’re scared
Because they hide behind their shield of judgement
Always wanting to find the wrong in others
Write about that
Write about reality
Write about life.


  1. This is great stuff. Keep writing please!

    1. Thank you! I will, if y'all keep reading - and commenting;)

  2. "Write about that/ Write about reality/ Write about life" - That's so straightforward yet so powerful! Thank you, Raquel, for writing, and thank you for encouraging me personally to keep living real and raw and writing real and raw. Sometimes it's so easy for me to get sick of the lack of genuineness in the world and of the lack of genuineness I can be guilty of myself. Isn't life too short to live anything other than sold out, though - even if that means brutal honesty, heartbreak, mess, and all? Life is beautiful despite it's messily broken tendencies; thanks for reminding me of that. God bless!

    1. This comment was encouraging. Thank you so much, Deborah. You are most welcome. Thank you for being a reader of the blog! And always remember - life IS the messily broken tendencies. Our job is to find the beauty IN those. God bless you too, hun!

  3. Wow....Lovely, powerful, beautiful....