Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable.  

It’s a way of life that is unavoidable, regardless of if we don’t want it to happen. You can shelter yourself, shield yourself against the world, never venture far from your house…but whether you think the change is ‘out there’ or not, your very self is one of the developing, constantly changing dynamics on this earth.  

With change, comes good and bad. We learn through circumstances – sometimes painful, sometimes joyous. Whatever the case may be, our brains and hearts will always be affected. For better or worse. And nothing can stop it.  
As we grow older, life experiences will impact us in ways we never knew existed. Our tastes and opinions will change. Our likes and dislikes will take drastic turns. And our very speech, through life and emotions will, sometimes, make a 180 turn.  
I, for example, have seen a difference in myself. A drastic one. Like I explained in my ‘big announcement’ post on the blog name change and all. I’m not the same person I was 6 years ago. I’m not the same girl who started this blog. I talk, think, write, and communicate differently now as a nineteen year old young woman. And yes, even the things I love have changed.  
In the last couple of weeks, I’ve discovered so many things about myself. And I’m not one of those ‘find your inner self’ type of people. But yes, I have gotten to know myself a little better. It’s a soul-searching adventure to explore your heart and mind. And when you realize something about yourself, or admit your love of something, or think through your passions in life, I guarantee that you will surprise yourself. And the treasures that you find will be something exciting, intense and dramatically life-altering.
Change is inevitable. And everyone experiences it. What we, as judgmental humans, need to remember is to accept it. Accept the change in others. Accept it in yourself. Recognize the fact that people go through stages, they deal with different life situation, they grow up, they mature, they do stupid things. It’s all part of life. It’s part of learning. It’s part of growing.  

And that’s okay.


  1. Thank you for this post and nicely put! I like your blog and the logical, biblical and godly posts you write! Its an encouragement to me! Thanks and God bless you in your time of "change" Emmy Tolbert