Time for a change | big announcement

I began blogging 6 years ago. I began this blog 3 years ago. I remember the day I decided it was the next project I wanted to tackle. I excitedly told Mama about the idea, and she was all for it. Said I needed an outlet for all my writing craziness.

I wanted to think of a clever, eye-catching name for it. The first one I thought of was 'God's Daughter'. But that was way back before tons of bloggers started calling themselves 'Daughter of God', 'Daughter of the King', 'God's Girl', 'His Daughter', etc. Yup. I was the hipster who started the trend. (Not really. But anyway, moving on.)

I was looking through the past years of posts I have written on here and 1) thanked God for improvement in writing skills. I was/am sorely embarrassed by my writing techniques three years ago, compared to now, 2) I am beyond astonished that y'all have stuck around for this long..., and 3) I've decided I need to move on. No, I'm not deleting this website or anything like that. Simply deciding to make a few changes in my little corner of the blogging sphere. Don't worry. I'm gonna stick around a little longer to annoy you. But I've changed. I'm not the same person I was six years ago. I'm different. And different is good.

So, after this post is published, the blog will no longer be titled 'God's Daughter', but simply, 'It's Just Raquel'. And let me explain the meaning and reason behind this name:

1) All of my social networks usernames are @itsjustraquel (Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). I have a new blog fanpage on Facebook too!!

2) This is just me. I'm not perfect, I'm not glamorous, I'm not 'the norm', I'm not super trendy, I'm not as good of a writer as I wish I could be. I'm just me. This blog is just mine. I'm just Raquel. I seek no glory for myself but for my God. And while this blog will always be written in the hopes of encouraging others, I also wanted to make it more friendly and approachable. And, like I said before, I'm ready - and needing - a change.

PLEASE NOTE: I will be changing the URL for this blog, as well, but not until next month. I just want to make sure everyone knew about the change before this URL suddenly isn't available.

And since tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, I thought it only appropriate to give thanks, not only to God, for this blog, but also to YOU. Thank you for being a loyal and continual follower. Your support and encouragement is such a blessing.


  1. Haha you didn't start a trend. I've been calling myself Gods daughter before you were born. It's sad to see you change for more of the world than following God. I pray though you will seek God with your whole heart and not let the glitz and glimmer of the world continue to draw you away.

    1. That 'trend setting' was meant as a joke. And who said anything about me wanting to please and follow the world, rather than God? Just because my blog title doesn't have the word 'God' in it means that I'm being drawn away from Him? Oh trust me, I will continue to seek Him whole-heartedly.

    2. You are being rude. Does God ever say to mock someone who says they are a child of God?