Everyday Blessings // 28

>> new blog name and design
>> leaving for Peru in 12 days
>> finally getting dreadlocks (checked that off my bucket list)
>> Christmas shopping
>> my grandfathers celebrating their 93rd and 83rd birthdays
>> being nominated for Best Teen Blog of 2014 (see sidebar)
>> free coffee (specifically peppermint bark white chocolate mocha)
>> Guardians of the Galaxy is now available on DVD
>> new luggage (it's purple)
>> humbleness
>> double rainbows
>> Dutch Bros has new sizes for their iced and blended drinks
>> Mockingjay part 1
>> continued donations from people for my trip
>> new friendships
>> black leather jackets
>> new boots
>> buying someone coffee


How has your December been so far?  What have been some highlights of it?


  1. your hair looks awesome on you, girl! Loving it. And Dutch Bros coffeeeee <3 It's so annoying how they don't have those on the east coast, it's really rather unfair.

  2. Uh, there are so many highlights that have happened/happening. Our town Christmas parade is coming up, present wrapping, spending Christmas at my friend's house for the first time, and cold weather. Yes, December is a lovely time.

  3. Meanwhile Downunder... beach time!! Had an awesome holiday by the beach this past week. :D And while I'm not a fan of coffee... salted caramel gelati is pretty awesome!

  4. December has bee great. Not easy, but full of little blessings. I've always been curious as to how dreadlocks work. I'd love to see more pictures! You look great.

  5. Coffee is a great thing. and your dreadlocks are lookin' good.

  6. Coffee, the main source for us gals ;) Love your dreadlocks, they look lovely on you!