Resolutions of 2014 & 2015

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a little list of resolutions.  I love making lists.  And I love setting goals for myself.  So I thought 'Why not try to accomplish a select few things by the end of this year?'

Here's my list.

  • get a job
  • start working out and doing yoga
  • keep a consistent Blessings journal
  • keep a consistent personal journal
  • read at least 10 books that I've wanted to read before I die
  • finish any novels from last year
  • blog more consistently
  • languages
  • send daily Bible verses to friends

And this the status for my resolutions as this year comes to a close:

- The LORD provided a job for me.  Better than any I was asking for.
- I work out and yoga on a regular basis.  
- I started a Blessings journal but haven't been as consistent with it as I wish I was.  
- ...Or a regular journal for that matter.  I have one.  And write it in periodically.  But the journals that get most of my attention are my devotional one and my random writings book that I scribble down thoughts and notes and stuff full of papers with random things on them.  
- I read lots this year!  And was so happy to get back into it.  I used to be such a bookworm when I was younger and had more time on my hands.  My parents would have to peel me away from whatever book was my current read for me to do my chores - or even to eat!  I read 8 of the 10 books I have on my list to read before I die.  But if you count the series of 6, then I read 14;)
  1. the River of Time series (6 books in all), by Lisa Bergren
  2. A Praying Life, by Paul Miller
  3. The Passion of Jesus Christ, by John Piper
  4. Lone Survivor, by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell
  5. The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green
  6. Divergent, by Veronica Roth
  7. The Help, by Kathryn Stockett
  8. Radical, by David Platt
- I didn't completely finish a novel this year but I am very close to done.  Also, I discovered a new writing style of mine that I didn't know I possessed.
- I definitely TRIED to blog more consistently.  And except for the times that I was away from home, I think I was pretty consistent.
- Since going to Peru, I can say that I am now fluent in Spanish.  I've 'known' the language ever since I was born but being immersed in it for two weeks this summer was absolutely wonderful and helpful.  Next language to tackle: Russian.
- I did begin my year out with sending Bible verses to friends, but their desire of not wanting to be in a group text message kind of made that resolution fade...

And onward!  

My 2015 Resolutions are as follows:

  • learn Russian
  • try to get published
  • support a ministry outreach monthly
  • work - and hopefully complete - my non-fiction manuscript
  • do a sugar free diet one month
  • keep a consistent Blessings journal
  • read the Bible through in a year


What are some of your resolutions for the New Year?  And what were some from 2014?


  1. It is always encouraging when resolutions from the fading year actually get finished. You did a great job. And I love your list for next year

  2. Mine last year were pretty similar to this year's, except I'm going a little easier on myself. haha. Last year I wrote two pages of resolutions and now I just have a little list. This year I want to finish one of my books and have Jesus time everyday. I have more, but those are two big ones.

    1. Those are two awesome resolutions, and I definitely encourage you to strive towards accomplishing them. God bless!